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Physical Archive Management

REISSWOLF Turkey; It archives documents of commercial, administrative and legal importance for institutions and organizations in a secure physical environment and under 24/7 security and manages them in line with your requests.

Physical Archive Management Firm

Owned by businesses and having current use Documentation is mandatory. On the other hand, frequent use There are also some company documents that are heard and need to be accessed in a practical way. are available. Archive Service; in all areas of use and of all kinds documents, reports, contracts, etc. to keep documents safe they are used. Moreover, with various legal obligations and some official The storage of documents is obligatory with a specified storage period. At this stage, in archives that are of great importance for companies, physical archives management of the company's information and all documentation It is intended to be kept in order and safe.

What is Physical Archive Management?

Physical archiving, uploaded to digital or Archiving systems of all unloaded documents, documents and all kinds of documents can be found in a practical way using subjected to a systematic arrangement in order to ensure that they can be stored is to be kept. Physical archive management is also in this physical archive business. It is a service that consists of methods used. Archive within REISSWOLF facilities the way the documents are stored in the section, the arrangement of the shelves, the access facilitation is the main requirement for an effective archive management. are parameters.

Physical archive management as a method; units borrowing, returns, liquidation procedures etc. situations are taken into consideration and evaluated as a whole. Answers to even small questions such as which document is in which personnel at that moment. easily identified in line with the services provided in physical archive management. are possible topics. Practical form of necessary documents physical archive management can be provided with

With physical archive management; rack addressing transactions, sending documents from the units to the archive, borrowing and returning transactions and their detailed records, liquidations, documents that must be kept determination and tracking of retention periods, definitions of multiple archives and ERP integration is provided.

What does Physical Archive Management do? Why get service

They are designed with physical archive management high security systems. 24 hour closed circuit recording, Entry and exit permission with authorized card system, selection of authorized personnel As a result of services such as documents to undesirable persons or organizations transmission, loss, wear, breach of confidentiality, searched documents The negativities seen in the archive room, such as the loss of time in the search process, are eliminated. is removed.

Physical archive management that provides fast access to documents services; ensure that documents are quickly accessible when needed. provides. Tracking system with barcode can be preferred and in this way, every Audit permissions can be created for a document. Also, the documents Again, with the system network that provides access in electronic environment, large-scale security The original versions of the documents archived in our facility are accessible in cloud archives. can happen. Access to the cloud system, again defining authorized personnel is made and created.

In case the existing archive is stored with this service; There are also reductions in operating costs. for archiving and tracking because it leads to improvements in time, cost and losses. effective use is provided. In addition, suitable and reliable racking systems; from natural disasters, pest etc. from living things, Produced in appropriate designs for protection from emergency events such as fire. are structures. Sensitive and important information in archives physical archives provided by management.

Quality and standards in buildings and processes (building/archive properties etc.)

Quality and standard concepts; product/service/application/line of business or in concepts such as process/management, safety and quality requirements and even determining the conditions, ensuring that these determined requirements and conditions are understood by clearly stating all the management processes, the inspection of the producers, the inspection of the archive area, the customer's service or product received in line with these factors, on an equal and continuous basis. They are documents created for the purpose of making use of them in a way.

Physical archive services; service or product to be purchased. It is a tool used when evaluating content and physical aspects. It is a service that is subject to these in line with quality and standards. Therefore, the adequacy of the buildings with physical archiving, rational evaluated according to its characteristics. Archiving and archiving works; standardization of their constituent components in accordance with the legislation requires. The building and the building used while applying the physical archive management archiving area properties; classification of archive materials given to them and employees responsible for their safe use. must comply with the standards procedure.

In line with the services provided in the field of physical archiving:

· Organizing and storing physical archive

· Physical archive migrations

· Cleaning jobs in archives

· Protection and security of physical archives

· About Physical Archive Management Process

The system used in physical archiving management; ERP, MRP, It is compatible with integration with systems such as CRM. Add to archive It is practical to send a document and retrieve a document in the archive. provided with the highest level of security measures. Deposit The documents provided can be easily tracked. can access the archive security is also provided on the basis of persons with authorizations.

It is possible to make addressing on the basis of archive shelves in physical archive management processes. It is possible to search through documents. All In the process that started with the registration of the archives, if requested, the minute forms can also be added. can be obtained.

Media and Backup Unit Storage

Great importance for enterprises backup media keeping the units outside the institution against all kinds of risks. continuity procedures are frequently included. p>

• Regularly controlled temperature and humidity

• Protected by Fm200 gas extinguishing system

• With Fire Alarm System

• Camera and access, protected by a private security system designed in accordance with the ideal storage conditions where the control of

Media delivery and exchange operations, REISSWOLF team with special storage bags and safe by

REISSWOLF Standard Archive Box

(34 cm x 43 cm x 30 cm)< /b>

REISSWOLF Standard Archive Box provides space saving as well as physical archive storage

5 Bold Folder, Standard Boxes with 7 Thin Folder volume, 13 kg weight carrying capacity

Advantages of Physical Archive Management

• Office space savings.

•• Only the volume used instead of a general space lease storage cost, in other words, the cost element of empty spaces ceased to be.

• With the lightening of the workload, companies begin their basic work. saving resources and time thanks to its focus.

• REISSWOLF Security Standards and legal Storage in accordance with the legislation.

• to prevent unnecessary storage.

• The archived documents; heat, light, humidity, against pest, fire risks, in accordance with the EN 15512 Regulation Storage on the shelves.

• All archives are registered and authorized be accessible.

• Institutional archive from person-based archive management management.

• Take back, return, reporting etc. archive with quick access to the inventory and practical management.

• 3rd Party and Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial Package Insurance.

Worn folder with physical archive management, transparent file waste of time and money with inventories such as staples and paper clips. expenditure is not required. Thanks to the smart codes defined for the documents received for examinations, with the addressing function, the files in the returns The possibility of being placed in the wrong places is prevented and permanent order is ensured. Both the workmanship in front of the expenses to be made on both the media cost and the additional costs. thereby contributing to the company's budget.

Physical Archive Management For more information, you can contact us at the links below.

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• Space saving in office space.

• Instead of a general space rent, only the storage cost of the volume used is incurred, in other words, empty spaces are no longer a cost factor.

• Saving resources and time by reducing the workload and focusing companies on their core business.

• Storage of archives in accordance with REISSWOLF Security Standards and legal regulations.

• Destroying archives that have expired, preventing unnecessary storage.

• Archived documents; to be stored on special shelves in compliance with the EN 15512 Regulation against the risks of heat, light, humidity, pests and fire.

• All archives are accessible under registration and on the basis of authorization.

• Transition from person-based archive management to corporate archive management.

• Repurchase, return, reporting, etc. (RWAM) with the REISSWOLF system quick access to archive inventory and practical management.

• 3rd Party and Financial Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial Package Insurance.

Do You Know Your Archive Cost?

Media and Backup Unit Storage

Keeping the media and backup units, which are of great importance for institutions, outside the institution against all kinds of risks, is frequently included in business continuity procedures.

REISSWOLF Turkey, its customers' media;

• where temperature and humidity control is done regularly

• protected by FM200 gas extinguishing system

• Fire Warning System

• Camera and access control are provided, protected by a private security system.

preserves in special sections designed for ideal storage conditions.

Media delivery and exchange operations are carried out by the REISSWOLF team with special storage bags and under security.

REISSWOLF Standard Archive Box

( 34 cm x 43 cm x 30 cm )

REISSWOLF Standard Archive Box is the ideal solution for space saving as well as physical archive storage function.

  • 5 Thick Folders
  • 7 Thin Folders
< Standard Boxes in volume /div>

It has the capacity to carry 13 kg of weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to work with an archive company?

Institutions have various hardware and software for the management of the archives they store. they should be. Since it is necessary to provide the human resources to use them, a serious cost is incurred for the companies that keep their archives. Archiving companies provide savings, confidentiality and legal compliance in archive management by professionally handling the archive processes of institutions. 

Are the services you provide in compliance with the law?

REISSWOLF services comply with the relevant laws, YYS archive layout and 6698 100% compliant with the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW. 

All processes are covered by ''Professional Liability Insurance'' guaranteed.

Do you carry out the destruction of documents whose storage period has expired?

Destruction with "Secure Disposal Service", one of our main lines of business We carry out the transactions within our own structure. In this way, your documents safely complete their entire life cycle without being removed from our facility. Disposal processes are carried out in accordance with international standards determined for different materials (paper, usb, hard disk, etc.).

How do you ensure the security of documents archived in your facility?

To ensure maximum security of your archive and other data that you submit to REISSWOLF On behalf of our company, our company has made the infrastructure investment based on international high security standards. All your boxes / folders / files are tracked with barcode systems. In this way, human-induced errors are prevented, and any loss of your documents, which are entered into our system as you have submitted to us and stored in our facility, is prevented.

How soon will I have the box (folder, document) I requested?

When normal physical delivery is requested, you will receive your documents within 24 hours. The shipment is carried out by special REISSWOLF vehicles. If you need one or more documents out of the box and have requested scanning on demand, your documents will be scanned and delivered to you immediately.

How can I access the document I want from the physical archive I have delivered to your company?

You can track your physical archives to the extent of your authorization by entering the Physical Archive Management System (RWAM) with your username and password created specifically for you. You can find the box, folder or file you need by searching the system and fulfill your request. We can physically deliver the original of the document you request with our special vehicles. If the image is sufficient for you, then your document is digitized by scanning on demand and sent to you again through the system.