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REISSWOLF Security Containers 


REISSWOLF; Information thanks to the containers it uses for document destruction It provides full security. Disposal materials with these containers collected and stored in the REISSWOLF facility, according to TSEN 15713 - Safety Degree 6 standard. the destruction of its content is performed accordingly.

REISSWOLF Security Containers with Electronic Locking System

Security Containers with Electronic Locking System, file and data It provides the highest level of safety in its destruction. Security Containers, identity opened with smart cards. Automatic locking function, cover guarantees that security containers are locked as soon as it is closed.

Electronic Locking System The benefits it provides; 

·         User privileges against unauthorized access recognition 

·         Containers tracking

·         Automatically activated when the lid is closed locking function 

·         Maximum security 


Secure Disposal Container

The information of each business, institution or organization is personal According to data protection law, it is private to institutions. What is this information for? It may not be reproduced or copied whatsoever. Destruction of businesses information they have the right. These disposal processes are easily  in safe disposal containers. can be fixed and permanently deleted. Disposal process re-enter the information of the business, institution or organization after the unreachable. Safe disposal containers evolving and changing keeping up with technology and in some cases making a difference in those technologies. It has a dynamic structure.

An optimized secure destruction containers, other virtual can run more systems than security companies. Software This system shaped and developed in the hands of companies and master software developers. It is more secure than any other system. Information and documents storage ensures that future generations can access that information more easily. This information, which is being carried into the future, can also be very useful. It can also be very harmful. In this context, harmful information transmission is of paramount importance. But storing information in digital media it is very easy to delete, on the contrary, it is just as difficult. This information permanent deletion is done by means of safe disposal containers.

What is a Safe Disposal Container

Secure disposal container is used by institutions and organizations in the digitalized business world. It is an organization that provides great support and advantage to organizations. In this context it is safe The question of what is a disposal container is in terms of learning the right information and content. It is very important. Every document of a business is very important, these documents are archives. are securely stored by their management and used by businesses. has the right to change. This is stored and processed over time. documents may require destruction in some cases.

It is impossible for information to disappear in digital environments it's hard enough to say. Because if you don't want digital media documents even copy most of the time. In this case, contact the company that handles your archive management. they should be asked if a safe disposal container is available before they are negotiated, or should be investigated in detail. Safe destruction of your chosen business If there is also a container system, your documents can be copied at any time without being copied. will be destroyed. Since destroyed documents are being permanently deleted Therefore, these documents are not accessible again. Your out-of-access documents When you want to activate it again, you can re-archive these documents. must be given to the business that deals with your management. If you have this If there are no documents, it is impossible to have these documents again. These deleted documents are data media, file, folder, etc. nowhere again

How Safe Disposal Containers Provide Convenience

Expired in the institution and must be destroyed destruction of documents or documents that are important for institutions to be destroyed becomes very important. A security for the use of confidential documents procedure exists. Safe disposal while performing this procedure When it comes to the question of how the container  makes it easier, it should be destroyed. decision of important documents by a group of company employees After binding, the destruction process begins. Initiated destruction process should be done by qualified personnel. This job down to the smallest detail. A staff member who does not know enough can put this process at risk. Hence the rule As a result, destruction is carried out by the personnel records management.

·         Ease of data protection

·         To ensure the confidentiality of customers' information is leading.

·         Protection of commercial documents and information

·         Protecting the reputation of businesses

·         Problems arising from data breach and It provides protection from sanctions that may arise as a result of problems.

·         Identification of any potential risk and It is ensured that the responsibilities that may occur are accepted.

·         Labor and unnecessary resources spent savings are provided.

Secure disposal containers bring a lot of convenience to businesses provides. Every business cares about the privacy of their information. This If the information is in the wrong hands, the prestige of the entire company is destroyed. Timed documents must be destroyed when they expire. A If you want your document to be kept for one year as a business, that one year In the end, your document must be destroyed. If your documents are out of date If it is not destroyed, all rights to protect data confidentiality in this regard. will be passed on to you. In this regard, safe disposal containers are delivered to us on time. guarantees the destruction of documents. In this way, all your information is yours As long as you want, it is in the hands of the businesses you work for. In this respect All your data is confidential and confidential within the scope of the preliminary contracts you have signed. it is safe.

What is the Contribution of Safe Disposal Containers to Data Privacy

Data privacy is very important for every business. This You must make sure that you have an agreement with the businesses you have agreed to keep your information on the subject. You must sign a contract on data privacy. Data privacy Keeping your documents, not duplicating and other businesses It is very important not to be used by Safe disposalcontainers As for the question , what is its contribution to data privacy? You have the right to change your documents at any time, as well as that You also have the right to destroy the documents. Any information or any document are not easily deleted from digital media. Difference that is difficult or easy to erase the right to delete all documents in secure disposal containers without you have.

Document destruction processes consisting of at least two people meticulously by a commission that includes employees of the client company being carried out. during the destruction of such documents. destruction so that employees can take responsibility in case of a possible problem. They have to sign a paper that they manage the transaction. This is data demonstrates the importance attached to privacy. No data privacy in case of a problem, suing the organizations you work for You have the authority. Safe disposal container for this disposal If it is used, it is almost impossible for you to have problems in this regard.

Processing Processes of Safe Disposal Containers

In order for the disposal process to start, the processing processes of the safe disposal containers must be started. Evaluate destruction processes first examined by committees. If the retention period of these documents has not expired, If it is still desired to be destroyed, these evaluation commissions is being evaluated. Papers that will be destroyed later needs to be prepared. These documents are from all stored systems. purified and made into a single unit.

Customer company for destruction of classified documents Written documentation is required. Subsequent destruction procedure should be carried out. This procedure determines the way in which the destruction process is carried out. decides what you want. Meanwhile, if the system you have chosen is safe disposal container  Doing these steps in order then only the law on the destruction of classified documents execution remains. This is the process of destroying the confidential documents prepared. It is kept by the company where the documents are kept.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safe Disposal Containers

1.       Safe What are Disposal Containers?

Secure disposal containers have expired or your business a system established for the permanent deletion of information that poses a danger to is the system. Thanks to this system, your data privacy is protected and The document can be easily deleted at any time. deleted document and Your information is permanently deleted, never to be accessed again.

2.       Safe Which Businesses Use Disposal Containers?

 Government and private Almost all businesses, especially organizations, can benefit from this system. can benefit. Using this system that serves every average business It can be easily accessed if desired.


REISSWOLF Security Containers

RW70 - Custom Compact Solution

Usage : Rooms or under desks
Volume     : 70 liters

Dimensions  : W 43.5 cm x W 41 cm x H 62.5 cm

RW130 - Handy Container

Usage: Next to the printer, copy room etc.
Volume     : 130 liters

Dimensions  : W 43.5 cm x W 41 cm x H 99.8 cm

RW240 - Multipurpose Container

Usage : Floor, basement etc.< br>
Volume     : 240 liters

Dimensions  : W 69 cm x W 58 cm x H 99.8 cm

RW350 - Practical Container

Usage: Practical solution

Volume    : 350 liters

Dimensions : B 88.5 cm x E 70 cm x H 89.5 cm

RW500 - Large Container

Usage : Bulky waste

Volume     : 500 liters

Dimensions  : W 118 cm x W 70 cm x H 99.5 cm