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What is Archiving?

Archiving what is it? The work and obtained during the processes of transactions, enterprises or official institutions. the date of the information, documents and documents they receive in chronological order or is the state of being preserved in an asymmetrical order.

What is the Purpose of the Archive?

For centuries, humanity has achieved almost retained all information. All this information he keeps will come It helps the new generation to live more easily by being passed on to the next generations. happens.

More detailed information about the purpose of the archive In order to be able to do this, we would like to itemize this issue for you.

Here are the purposes of the archive:


  1. State all written documents, especially documents, in a secure way. intended to be protected.
  2. Done It is the easiest way to find the document sought when any business or transaction is needed. aims to be achieved.
  3. Immediate any previous work and/or It aims to reach the process quickly.
  4. Work done and/or ensure the regular use of the process after it has been documented and aims to be kept in an environment that can be used for years etc.


As you can see, for archiving Although we have summarized it for you with four items above, it has not yet entered our list. There are hundreds of purposes.

What is the Importance of Archive?

Archive in any field you can think of and archiving operations. But today, as you know, technology age. Some new features brought by the age of technology are common in our lives. It also changes our lifestyle by frequent logins.


The ability of the new generation to adapt to the changing age For this, they need to be able to easily access their past experiences. Status As such, the archive and archiving process becomes very important.

Archive and Archiving in the New Age

New development in the archive community or what can be described as a feature is that digital archive software we can say that it has emerged. Almost all kinds of knowledge in the new age emerge very quickly and disappear very quickly if not protected. cases of disappearance.


Archive and archiving keeping up with the new age We can say that the service now has new features. archive and archival services have gone from physical to completely digital. Under the name of digital archive software, all new or old generation information, documents and documents are stored with digital archiving technique.


New generation thanks to digital archive software Archiving has multiple advantages. Come here if you wish Let's examine the subject in a subheading.

The Advantage of Digital Archiving What?

Digital archive and archiving activities It has thousands of advantages. But in the article we will do below, We wanted to summarize the 4 most important items.

Here are the advantages of digital archiving;


     Physical warehouse, personnel management It reduces costs as there are no such costs,

     In the period of physical archiving The resulting excessive and unnecessary labor loss is prevented. In this way productivity increases to the maximum,

     Many people held at the same time It is possible to access the archive thanks to these software.

     Internet blackout, electricity reasons such as cutting and fire prevent this archive from being destroyed.


As you can see, digital archiving The advantages of the processes, even with four items, reveal their importance. Our content ends here. In this content, we tell you Personal data storage and destruction policy to write all the questions under the title we wanted You can easily contact us with all your questions and problems. you can ask.