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Personal Data Destruction Report

Personal data destruction report “Personal In accordance with the scope of the "data retention and destruction policy", the relevant articles It is an important type of document that should be kept in line with their directions. This Destruction and/or destruction of any data without documents is unacceptable.


Even without information, documents or documents The destruction process is carried out in accordance with the necessary laws and regulations within the scope of the crime. is observed.


Well, for such an important issue What should be the required record? Which points are included in the report? Should it be specified? All these points you are wondering about, this content is our content. It will first make an article for you and then give an example. We will explain with a picture.


If you wish, come without further ado and In addition, before seeing the report image, you can make an article about this subject. let's elaborate.


Here is the Personal Data Disposal Report important subject headings to be found:


  1. Contact Person,
  2. Related Person's Request Date
  3. Related Destruction Request of Person
  4. Destruction Technique
  5. Related Date of Return to Person
  6. Date of Disposal
  7. Related Contact Person
  8. Listed And Content of Document / File Destroyed with Items:
  9. Destroyer Legal Information of the Person
  10. Destruction Legal Information of the Witnessing Person


As you can see, in the destruction report The information should be like the information above. Destroyer and witness The person who will be there must definitely be and must be signed under this report. If you wish, without further ado, a destruction report will be sent to you. Let's forward the image.

The image above was also a little while ago As we mentioned, it is a classic and correct destruction report. this report in line with the destruction and again for the reasons we have just mentioned. operations are initiated.

Storage of Personal Data And Disposal Regulation

Governmental business and transactions are all official procedures are followed. For this and other reasons This is why the personal data storage and destruction regulation is in the official gazette. It was announced in 2017.

 Although you can't see the full version in the image, to the newspaper document here can be found easily. destruction in a nutshell This document published in the Official Gazette to keep and keep the minutes of thanks.


Browse all information, documents and legal regulations We see that it is obligatory to keep a record. Personal data It is very special and important data. malicious individuals of this data. data on negative consequences that cannot be considered to be seized by can bring their owners.


For this and other reasons, Turkey The Republic of Turkey concentrated on this issue and emerged in the stage of destruction. obligated to keep a witness record.


Unfortunately our content ends here we are coming. What should be included in the minutes in this content? about all the information you need to know about the articles and legal regulations. We have informed. About personal data destruction report Don't forget to contact us for all your questions. Stay fresh…