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Digital Archive Software

Digital archive, all documents belonging to the company to the computer environment transferred and stored there. Thanks to this system, computer environment and Access and intervention from anywhere by transferring data into cloud systems be provided. Digital archive software system paperwork and instead of files, everything is digitally and securely enables it to be provided. Compared to file layout It is a more practical and secure system for data storage for companies. known. Documents and projects are always at hand thanks to ease of access and stored in a secure digital environment.

What is Digital Archive Software?

Digital archive software; contracts, files, large all company documents, including folders and important documents. from hand to hand, worn out, dispersed, lost, duplicate copies of such as being taken out of the office/company without permission, natural disaster or robbery. It is preferred for protection from negativities. All kinds of documents prepared under the assurance of electronic media, secured with e-signatures. environment is provided. Superior with e signature and archive timestamp security is provided. Searching for documents using artificial intelligence thanks to the digital archive software that provides great convenience, in an environment accessible to employees within the given authorization is stored.

Reasons for Preferring Digital Archive

The main reasons for choosing digital archive systems between; providing fast access to the desired data, physical archive to provide more functional service compared to the rooms, quickly and practically. providing access to data.

Digital Archive Software Features :

·         Worrying in paper documents is not the subject.

·         Easy access to desired documents can be provided.

·         Archive required for physical archive rooms eliminates the need for personnel.

·         Cleaning etc. of physical archive rooms. to your expenses it is not needed.

·         Files can be accessed by many people at the same time. provides access and thus increases the speed of execution of works.

·         A high level of data security protection is provided.

·         Improving work efficiency and unnecessary time ensures the prevention of losses.

·         Saving time and budget provides.

·         We have made a great contribution to the strengthening of corporate structures. is a factor.

  Digital archive software Many companies such as public institutions and organizations, companies and associations A modern solution for The security service it provides is top level. A new generation with its functionality and time and financial savings preferred for company solutions.

The number of documents that can reach millions, within the rules and Archiving without human error thanks to the digital archive system is done. Searches can be made in the documents uploaded to the system and such as the specified date/document number/assigned person name/keyword It is possible to reach the desired folder with the identifying words or numbers. Occurring during the destruction of documents or their arrangement/placement processes. Digital systems ensure that the negativities are prevented. Office and the loss of time in the manual of the document flow process within the institution is eliminated. is removed, and error-free and fast document access is ensured in the automatic system. The speed of searching and accessing the folders takes a few seconds. is happening. As a plus of the digital system, the more documents, the more Regardless, the speed of searching and reaching the folder is not affected by this number. Document Regardless of the number of documents, access to the document in the same time can be provided.

The processing speed of documents after scanning is very high. Immediately after the documents are digitized, the desired documents such as Word / Pdf available in the format.

Files in the digital archive system thanks to the file explorer feature Files deleted after changing or deleting them are also recorded. are taken under. Authorized personnel can be appointed for these processes. In this way, unauthorized persons are not allowed to delete documents. Rubbish Incorrect deletions can be undone thanks to the records in the can.

Format Types in Digital Archive System

To keep all documents of the institution securely During the uploading phase of the documents to the digital archive system that allows Selected uploads are made according to the document type. In this way, all kinds of documents can be uploaded to the digital system according to its technical format type.

Service can be provided in any desired format. PDF, Word file, Excel, Power Point presentation type, XML files or text, RTF etc. all formats are supported. In this way, calculations made with an identity document file format can be separated from each other. Project based work or Ability to work on ongoing work with the formulation and intervene easily opportunity is provided. Authorizations are given on the basis of role. Security is also provided within the company.

The Differences Between Physical Archive and Digital Archive

Digital archives, the risk of physical archives eliminating their situation.

There is a need for a specific space for physical archive areas. is heard. Security measures should be provided in this area. Moreover security personnel, heat, lighting and cleaning expenses for the archive room are available. To access a desired document/document file Efforts are made by the staff and the required documents are found. There is an unnecessary loss of time and labor during the process. Access to the archive and There is a waste of time in the archive room. Access to a desired document Access to the archive room is required. But with digital archiving these processes and expenditures are eliminated. in computer environment The requested document is available in seconds. maintenance, cleaning, electricity, There is no need for expenses such as personnel. digital archives It does not need space and is what the staff want when they are at the computer. provides access to the document.

Creating risk for physical archive rooms and causing document loss activities such as fire, earthquake, robbery for digital archive systems not valid. extraordinary events that can occur in this manner in digital systems. There is no data loss due to adverse events. with internet access data can be accessed and losses are not included.

Institutions in Need of Digital Archive Software

Document, document, contract, etc. all kinds of documents and information recording Companies can use digital archive software. Digital switching to archive systems, thanks to the advantages it provides, in every sector It is a valid and sufficient reason for companies operating in

Transition to Digital Archive

Digital archive software, according to the needs of companies can be shaped. For example; 1 bit gradation is enough for scanning If it comes, there is no need for 24-bit tonal scanning. In this way an unnecessarily larger storage area for the company-specific preferences offered. so no storage is needed. Archive within the framework of institutional needs The necessary materials are made ready for scanning. Suitable By determining the scanners, the materials are scanned and the digitization process is carried out. is being completed. To exemplify the browser selection; project larger than A3 in documents; book etc. from book browsers of materials must be passed. Options such as flatbet browsers as needed is preferred. With capture programs in materials such as images and sound digitization is carried out.

Another important condition when transferring to digital is DPI resolution option. OCR on pages to be transferred to digital archive Font size is important for the recognition and correct transfer of words. bears. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Archive Written

1.       Which documents can be digitized?

What is seen as important for companies, institutions and organizations and contract, which should be kept, studied, containing information texts, including all official documents such as reports, contracts, projects, etc. organized in a way working papers and frequently used and desired to be accessed It is recommended that all documents be uploaded to the digital system.

2.       Which type of documents should be given priority?

When it is decided to switch to the digital archive system; use A priority order is suggested based on frequency. The most common use digitization of the needed documents as a priority digital archive It allows the benefits of the system to be affected more quickly. Another Another important criterion is the legal retention period. have a legal retention period, and Primarily digitization of documents with long duration recommended.

Like license files, which must be kept constantly and kept in the upper It is also recommended to digitize documents that are important at the highest level. is in another priority group.

3.       What is the priority in digital archiving?

Although the archive is minimal during the transition to the digital archive system, should be regulated and recorded.

4.       Scan method in digital archiving system how should it be selected?

In the materials to be transferred to digital; operation according to file type should be preferred. Scan operations by establishing a file link should be done. For example; relevant to the correspondence in documents such as correspondence files. Scanning should be performed together with the attachments. single image Correspondence scanning should not be preferred.

On the other hand, the properties of the document such as paper size and type should be seen as a criterion and browsers suitable for the genre should be preferred.

5.       What are the advantages of a digital archive?

·         Prevents waste of time. within the jurisdiction Access is possible from the field or from home. out of the office offers access. The need for processes such as searching and finding documents inaudible. Compiling and cleaning, dusting, organizing processes such as it saves time to spend.

·         Documents are stored alternatively and is preserved. Document room, archive area or desks, office shelves unauthorized persons to access files in areas that do not provide privacy protection, such as access is very easy. Unauthorized persons thanks to the digital archive cannot access files and documents. It is a safe solution. your documents document wear and tear in office and work areas where it circulates from hand to hand Undesirable events such as tearing of documents cannot occur in the digital environment and documents is constantly preserved.

·         Concurrent access to documents is provided. All paperwork and documents that are under the responsibility of more than one person, Simultaneous access to the document by anyone who has the authority to work on it can be provided. In this way, the speed of execution of jobs increases and simultaneous job opportunity is available.

·         It prevents wasting shadows in files.

·         Working on documents and gaining knowledge reproduced by photocopying for the purpose of causing paper/toner/photocopy costs situation is avoided. Also because of photocopies of documents Untraceable duplication is prevented.

·         Quick access is provided in the digital environment. Project, All materials such as documents, contracts, working papers are as short as 3 seconds. access is provided in a timely manner.

·         Duplicate documents are avoided. Digital Thanks to the archive project, unnecessary duplication situations are prevented. Files with important security do not have duplicate records, waste of paper and The cost of photocopying is eliminated. 

·         Expenses that are not necessary for the archive area there is no need. Documents other than documents with a legal retention period archive space needs are eliminated. No statutory retention period destruction of documents. Documents with a retention period only requires less space. A large and unnecessarily large No need for archive space. In this way, a large reduction in archive space costs decrease is seen.

·         Savings are achieved in all areas. workforce increase and unnecessary work of personnel such as searching archives, cleaning or editing cases of being busy, tired and wasting time due to gets up. A higher job performance is achieved at a lower cost.

·         Remote work becomes possible. Field You can easily access the documents you want and need while you are in the environment or at home. accessible and the risk of disruption due to distance is eliminated.

·         Documents are never lost. Important and legal Documents with a retention period are not lost in the digital environment. Document security provided at a high level.


6.       What are the stages of transition to digital archive?

The stages of transition to digital archive are as follows;

·         The process of preparing documents for scanning

·         Scan process

·         Image improvement studies

·         Index operation

·         Providing control

·         Transfer process

Data that has been indexed during the transfer process transfer to digital archive automation is provided. The documents are separated They are made to pass through the browser.

In order to provide easy access to the documents during the indexing phase document type, number, date, number, the person responsible for the document or the person it belongs to / information such as institution information is obtained.

In the control process, document scanning and index work and make sure it is correct. The priority is that the documentation is correct. Your transaction It is of great importance to control at every stage.

7.       What is done during the scanning of documents?

The digital medium in which the documents will be stored is the required index for the index. all information, software and tools are decided. Archive review stage is passed. In archive analysis, folders and files are separated group by group and classification is provided. Extract and assign all documents group by group, staple They are cleared of tools that will prevent the machine, such as Paper size, paper quality, type of document, etc. All features are taken into account. Suitable devices are selected. After the optimization, the desired file formats pass is provided. In the final stage, keywords are determined, indexing and the transition to the digital archive is completed.

Decision Mechanisms During Transition to Digital Archive

Within the institution that will switch to the digital archive system;

Classification is done on a folder basis. This is the files means it can be scanned. The folder name and filename of the scanned documents explanations are added. The folder name of the search operation, the date of the folder, or It can be done on the basis of the information entered in the description section.

Indexing is important in document-based transactions. Subject of each document title, revision date and content information if editing and creation is required processed. In this way, in the search process, instead of hundreds of unwanted pages, page is found.

After the archive structure decision, the file type for the relevant institution According to this, database records are made by using the interface in PHP.

Another issue in the digital archive system is OCR. OCR If software programs are used, images can be converted to PDF format. can be stored. In the download process, it is possible to access the PDF directly. OCR program is installed in the institution and the image formats are thus converted to PDF file type. obtained. Thanks to the login access area feature, access to the system is only possible. may be made by authorized persons. No one other than authorized persons cannot access documents, interfere with documents, search or cannot perform deletion.

To access this archiving system, which has a web base; organisation Installed on a computer on the network. Other corporate computers writes IP for the system and thus access is provided. IP according to the request of the institution instead of internet only option can be preferred. with internet and computer desired access can be obtained. Hard disk usage according to archive size