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Personal Data Retention Policy

Personal data retention and destruction policy with the advancement of the age emerging and stored for certain purposes. destruction of a series of private and/or legal information when due by law It is a state that regulates the transaction.


Necessary due to this situation we mentioned policies are set. In addition, the destruction process and process are proven again recorded by experts. So what is this personal? data? If you wish, come and see this subject in detail in the sub-title. let's explain.

What is Personal Data?

Personal data identified or any other identifiable person, whether significant or unimportant but it is any type of information pertaining to a person. By the laws of freedom The personal and legal information of the person belongs to him. Sharing without permission strictly prohibited.


For this and similar reasons, personal data and all processes related to this data are under state control is done appropriately. Likewise, personal data retention and destruction policy This is why it arose.

Personal Data Why Disposal Is?

State of the Republic of Turkey to process and use this data for reasons such as experience, intuition or for many other reasons. After a while, it also brought legal regulations at the point of disposal. Personal When we think of it as the Republic of Turkey personal data retention and destruction policy name the subject with legal regulations by foreseeing dozens of reasons under has deepened.


So why? One of these reasons After a while, people forgot the permission of their personal data they allowed. there may be a possibility. Or individual decision regarding personal data Destruction due to conditions such as being unable to afford (old age, illness, etc.) policy could be improved.

Reasons for Destruction What are they?

Of course, this topic is also detailed detailed with the explanations made by the necessary authorities. if you wish Let's examine together the reasons that require destruction in substance.


Here are the reasons for destruction:


  1. Personal the provisions of the relevant legislation that form the basis for the processing of data. modification or repeal,
  2. Personal the disappearance of the purpose that requires the processing or storage of the data,
  3. Personal Data processing takes place only on the condition of express consent. cases, the person concerned withdraws their explicit consent,
  4. Related deletion and destruction of personal data within the framework of the rights of the person acceptance of the application by the Company,
  5. The company, deletion, destruction or deletion of personal data by the person concerned rejecting the application made to him with the request of anonymization, finds the answer he/she gave insufficient or responds within the time stipulated in the Law. in case they do not; Making a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Board and this request is approved by the Board,
  6. Personal the maximum period requiring the storage of the data has passed and the personal any conditions exist to justify keeping the data for a longer period of time. absence.


The above items are in line with the legal regulations. are items. Even just reading the articles personal data retention and destruction policy It helps to understand very clearly.


From the words law, regulation and policy Talking about. Of course, since the subject and situation is a legal event, a report must be proven with For evidence and other important reasons Personal legal regulations within the scope of data retention and destruction policy developed.


Any questions you may have about this subject You can send it to us and get answers easily. Stay fresh…