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Document Definition in the Quality Management System

Document definition in the quality management system Before proceeding, it is necessary to understand quality management. Even the smallest details It is an indicator of the quality of the work. This word is used by many Although it is a general term encountered in the workplace, it has a special meaning in business life. Because to strengthen the company image and to do business in international standards since the company's quality certificates are necessary and really efficient and high quality It is considered necessary to certify that they are a place of work. These documents are should be taken according to the structure. These documents are the most general concept of quality management. Also known as system. ISO quality certificates given to these documents is the name and provides quality standards.

What Does ISO Documents and Quality Management System Do

Without mentioning which documents are valid worldwide first the concept of ISO, which is the document definition in the quality management system can be expressed as:

ISO, International Standards established on February 23, 1947 Institution. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 138 countries in the world ISO organizations and our country is one of these countries. All these elements It is an indispensable part of quality systems. by this organization There are several published standards.

Quality in all aspects of work done and finished product certain standards to meet customer satisfaction standards and increase customer satisfaction. requirements are required. worldwide to meet all these requirements. A quality workflow is needed. from the early 20th century The quality management system, which has been gradually implemented and developed, It has definite effects on qualified workforce and healthy production. Customer A Quality Management System (QMS) is required because it ensures customer satisfaction. of the QMS The main purpose is the benefits required to implement a quality management system. and to train managers and employees on the steps.

What are Quality Management System Principles

Document definition in the quality management system quality management system principles, which include the concept of ISO, emphasizes context and risk-based thinking. Improve the quality of the organization Some of the QMS principles that will increase

·         Focusing on customer satisfaction

·         Leadership that drives goals and values understanding

·         Involving all employees for the benefit of the organization

·         The process for efficient use of resources approach

·         Continuously improving overall performance take innovative steps for