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Do not make documents an unnecessary burden within the company. document destruction is applied to prevent this. Warehouse areas, archive also as the disposal of unnecessary burdens for rooms and staff. can be evaluated in general.

Make sure that documents and electronic records are safe and in compliance with the legislation. protecting the confidentiality of data information by destroying it in a way that is of great importance to individuals. Contain sensitive and confidential information Safe destruction of documents, unused / expired documents to waste the area it covers, not to be subject to fines, and to documents in accordance with industry regulations in order to avoid problems. destruction is provided.

Points to Consider About Company Security

For a company to survive well attention to many separate issues consisting of different parameters required.

•                    ; Priorities disregard physical security and surveillance These are the points that should not be avoided. Business owners required to protect property they should never prevent themselves from doing transactions. It should be noted that Physically protecting the company is like the first line of defense. your safety Security measures should be taken and necessary professional or technological opportunities should be used. For example, both image and sound for suspect detection. records constitute key points for ensuring security.

•                    ; Another important issue is internet security. When it comes to the web, it's pretty hard to talk about security vulnerabilities. is possible. The Internet has emerged as a security vulnerability. can be a parameter. Access ban of sensitive information, authorized personnel logins, passwords and protection programs are important. security software programs are another alternative that can be preferred in this regard. can happen.

•                    ; When it comes to financial monitoring, companies It should be noted that another important issue has been mentioned. of the business be able to protect its credit, when considered in the long term, the company can save. Many organizations accept credit cards etc. uses cards. It is necessary to protect the company's body from possible fraud.

•                    ; Confidentiality agreements also protect company interests, as a precaution to protect private information and customer information is seen.

•                    ; Finally, document destruction services are important. It is another issue that comes to mind. destruction of documents, It is important to protect company interests as well as to be immune from environmental damage. carrying point. How much of confidential data do many companies disclose? It continues its services unaware of what it might encounter. Employee, customer, company names, financial information, private and trade secrets It is often overlooked that it can be obtained with a document, but this situation can cause great losses. At this point, knowledgeable about document destruction Taking help from people plays an active role in preventing waste of time and money. is playing. Also, small shredders are insufficient for documents to be destroyed. and sufficient efficiency from the machines due to overloading. cannot be obtained.

Compliance and Policy in Document Disposal

Depending on the company's field of activity, the sector it is involved in and where Which documents should be permanently destroyed first, regardless of the must be properly known. Because wrong destruction/wrongful destruction of documents disposal of maximum importance, such as financial or health information. Extremely high fines if records are involved result in the need for payment.

Related to bank accounts, containing tax information Some documents containing information, such as business credit card statements, before 7 years they should not be thrown away. In this way, which documents should be kept for how long, It is important to know which documents are involved in document destruction is a matter.

Powers and Responsibilities for Document Destruction

Inability of business owners to be actively involved in destruction or in cases where he does not have enough knowledge about the subject, the network administrator, manager etc. Personnel with a high level of responsibility or document destruction consultancy companies that have a good command of the policies and regulations regarding their work. It is important to follow the process itself. Following laws and regulations It is important.

Document destruction It must be certain that there are documents that need to be destroyed. In this situation getting help from professionals, unnecessary workload of companies, loss of time and Preventing the payment of administrative fines due to wrong disposal methods passes.

Paper Records in Document Disposal; Destruction in paper records For processing, machines produced in the style of grinder are preferred.

Electronic Records in Document Disposal; Electronic documents deletion does not end with throwing documents into the trash folder. Rubbish directory, documents remain on the hard disk drive. Also computers In addition to this, the drivers in the copiers are also contains the information of the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Document Disposal

1.       What does document extraction mean?

Document extraction term, archival materials and current transactions has a value in the eyes of the law, but its legal value and evidence quality. lost and not required to be used and preserved in the future. separation of materials from each other and archival material in the future Determining the archival materials that are expected to gain the qualification means.

2.       What does document destruction mean?

No need for future use and Except for archival or archival materials whose preservation is unnecessary grouped, has no legal value and has become unqualified as evidence. materials are separated and in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the regulations. means a term denoting the destruction of document destruction.

3.       For a correct sorting and destruction process what is needed?

•                    ; Manually or the document has been produced electronically,

•                    ; Knowing document types

•                    ; Standard file plans are not deviated

•                    ; Filling the correct forms correctly, be duly

•                    ; Artificial field, dummy folder name, dummy not using unregistered names and places such as numbering

•                    ; Company-specific and appropriately on a company-by-company basis to make the right choice by determining the classification methods and to use this method correctly. how to implement

4.       How to extract and destroy being done?

Priority, with the classification of materials in 3 separate categories is to begin. 3 groups as archival material, archival material, destruction material has. During a sorting process that includes all materials; archive materials and/or gaining the qualification of archival material in the future with the expected archival materials, which are in the current transaction, but their legal value is no longer which are not left and cannot be used as evidence, do not need to be protected. All materials must be separated from each other. After this process, document The destruction process is started.

5.       What are weeding and destruction commissions?

Corporate archive sorting and destruction commissions directorate of administrative and financial affairs, personnel department, editorial office. general secretariat, etc. archive services within the units are included in the persons and levels responsible for their activities. In addition to the archive manager, together with 2 people in the same unit, 3 The person commission is kept constant and materials will be sorted and destroyed As the group to be recruited, a total of 5 people, with a staff of 2 people, is variable. is a progressive process. Relevant for document sorting and destruction As people change, 2 members change on the basis of the relevant unit.

6.       What are the working principles of commissions?

The documents that are found to be suitable for the document destruction process destruction; operating according to the decisions of the sorting and destruction commissions. is passed.

7.       What is a disposal list?

Standardized and open to the service of institutions The destruction list of documents that do not need to be kept, filled by commissions. No material, regardless of subject or genre It is not correct to destroy it without keeping a disposal list. Before document destruction The list must be filled.

Why is Document Disposal Important?

About personal information, identity information, confidential information Documents should be destroyed against the threat of information theft. Moreover fines for destruction of documents in an illegal manner may result in. Every document in line with laws and regulations How long the variety should be stored is specified. In line with this, The most accurate document destruction methods also vary according to the document type. Your procedures follow-up and taking action in accordance with the legislation that must be followed on the basis of the sector, It is considered important in order not to pay unnecessary penalties and not to waste time.

Unnecessary material in archives thanks to

Document destruction storage and unnecessary storage, heat or personnel and cleaning costs are avoided. seen in warehouses It is ensured that the narrowness of space and confusion are prevented, destruction processes as a result. Archives, which no longer need to be stored, have become redundant. It is not filled with documents and the loss of space and work is prevented.

When it comes to document destruction services, there are usually 2 separate species destruction method is encountered.

In regular destruction services; documents with sensitivity For organizations that need continuous destruction of documents Also known as optional witness-accompanied destruction.

If it is in the form of special cleaning or mass destruction, periodic or Company-specific disposal methods can be used for one time only.


To be Destroyed Materials With

No matter the shape, all kinds of unique writings, hand or manuscripts of all kinds, written by typewriter or PC, official or private such envelopes (other than those with historical value), judicial, administrative jurisdiction ratios and postal telephone telegraph (PTT) and sent by different official institutions and Receipts, notifications and similar papers, which are generally in the nature of notice, PTT embezzlement in which the documents received by the embezzlement are recorded notebooks, made for the purpose of obtaining information, have been finalized question paper, etc. remaining from correspondence. documents, statistical forms, miscellaneous notebooks and lists, surveys, preparatory documents, within the framework of the same subject copies of manuscripts and reproduction sample records Correspondence documents providing the result, a copy of which is kept The report etc. given for the unit/department/institution/organisation. file copies document There may be a few examples of documents included in the destruction process. 

•                    ; The relevant circle from the correspondence of the institution/organization or all but the originals kept by the organization,

•                    ; Excessive documents such as circular or circular copies,

•                    ; Reports, bulletins, brochures, books, printed documents and information texts,

•                    ; Correspondence due to some requests pertaining to correspondence received after copies,

•                    ; Extra copies of study reports,

•                    ; Regulation, statute of limitations password, secret orders, etc., which must then be destroyed. according to legislation Documents whose retention period has expired,

•                    ; Information letters, unsigned and address ignorant notice and complaint letters

•                    ; Staff absence reports, leave and leave Documents such as return letters, exam results, announcements

•                    ; Invitation, greeting etc. posts

•                    ; Included in the specified general descriptions excluding documents; As a result of bureaucratic developments, over time that do not qualify as evidence from self-formed documents, all legally worthless and undeserved protection. documents. 

Separated according to the characteristics of the documents to be destroyed and date information, who it belongs to, what it represents, date and sequence number, document number etc. information should be written down and noted in 2 copies. Progress in this matter by making a right start is unnecessary confusion. and preventing the document destruction process from taking longer than necessary. It is the first step to pass. On Document destruction It is important to work with an experienced team who knows what they are doing. It facilitates the destruction process. On the other hand, before destruction, It must be ensured that the documents are suitable for destruction.

Your company's bank, tax, taxpayers, consulates, university units, hospitals, etc. all kinds of public institutions and private sector Documents consisting of shipments of companies and kept waiting for destruction, with the help of experts who use reliable and legal disposal methods It is important that you perform the document destruction process. 

TS EN 15713:2009 confidential material safe disposal standard in accordance with its purpose; the safe and secure storage of documents to be destroyed of this type. disposal is requested.

Moreover, information-data theft and malicious intent Unfortunately, wrong information to pass can cause great losses.