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Secure Data and Document Destruction

What is Safe Disposal?

Public institutions and institutions and institutions in the private sector, There are data with team specific information. These data are currently in digital media (CD, DVD, USB, desktop and laptop computer, e mail, database, printer, scanner, copier) or storage as well as physically stored in their units; written printed image environments, survey forms, guestbooks and archives.

Institutions personal data;

· Institution ensure security

· Statistical be able to carry out studies

· Corporate to be able to communicate

· Legal to make reports

· Next It stores it in order to present it as evidence in case of legal disputes that may arise.

This information No matter how important it is to keep and back up, it should be deleted and safe destruction is just as important. Junk information that doesn't need to be kept It is not enough to automatically delete it by giving some commands. These must be permanently disposed of in a safe manner.

What Does Safe Disposal Do?

· Data compliance with conservation laws

· Data To be protected from the sanctions foreseen as a result of violation

· Customer and confidentiality of commercial information

· Company protecting your reputation

· Quality compliance with standards

· Data professional handling of the destruction process

· Your risks definition and regulation of liability

· Work power and resource savings

· Enabled collection and recycling approach

All this is safe can be listed as the benefits of destruction solutions. By contract With the determined routine service agreements, all data destruction processes are regularly manageable. In addition, archive and office cleaning within the scope of periodic needs can be done.

Why Get Service?

Personal Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Data, No. 6698 It is stated in Article 7 of the Law on Retention of Personal Data. This deletion, destruction and anonymization of personal data with the regulation The procedures and principles regarding the Here destruction of personal data, no recovery by anyone must be irrecoverable and must not be used again. specified. Personal data processed with safe destruction destruction; important information and documents owned by institutions, unwanted necessary to prevent it from falling into the hands of people. For this purpose, the data controller take all necessary measures to delete this information, all copies destroyed by identifying and using the methods necessary for should. This data is not securely, irreversibly destroyed. if; money, information, can cause loss of time and reputation. Document destruction Personal No. 6698 It should be fragmented in accordance with the Data Protection Law, Environment and Urbanization on “Collection and Disposal of Non-Hazardous Wastes” by the Ministry of Health. must be done safely by the authorized company.

Destruction every step of the process is carried out in accordance with high safety standards. needs to be performed. This process is TREN 15713-Secure Confidential Material. destruction standard, ISO 27001-Information Security, ISO 9001-Quality Management, ISO 14001 It is certified according to Environmental Safety. Also technically possible As soon as safe destruction is over, all materials are returned. must be converted.

Characteristics of the Disposal Process

Institutions by; employees, visitors, prospective employees and personal data of third parties, their storage in accordance with the law and must be disposed of safely.

· Personal the disappearance of the purpose that requires the processing or storage of the data,

· Personal in the event that the legislation on the processing of data is changed or removed,

· Personal the expiry of the maximum period requiring data to be retained or in case the situation that requires it disappears,

· Open The retention made according to the consent condition, the express consent condition of the person concerned. in case it has withdrawn,

· Personal Acceptance of the applications of the persons who have applied for the deletion of their data.


cases, data must be destroyed.

What Can Be Destroyed?

Secure Data With ;

1. On servers For those whose period of retention of personal data has expired The deletion is done by the system administrator.

2. Electronic The personal data in the environment, which require their storage, have expired, Never again for employees other than the database administrator. will be rendered unusable.

3. Physical documents for those whose retention period has expired from the personal data in the environment Except for the manager of the unit responsible for the archive, there is no fee for other employees. It cannot be used again and is irreversibly deleted.

4. Portable also for the personal data in the media, whose storage period has expired. Encrypted by the administrator and given the authority only to the person concerned. secure environment is provided.

In physical environment personal data contained in paper clipping for those whose retention period has expired after they have been irreversibly destroyed in machines, environmental safety is also ensured by recycling. In optical and magnetic media For those whose storage period has expired, the personal data contained in the data is melted, physical destruction by incineration or pulverization is applied. In addition, exposure to high magnetic field The data was rendered unreadable and safe destruction was performed.

What are TS EN 15713 Standards?

TS EN 15713 document, to institutions, documents, drawings, printed plans, SIM cards, audio and video recorders, HARDDISK, ID cards, such as payment cards, computer components, medical records, and X-rays. on the safe and discreet transport and disposal of materials The team provides audit and management advice.

TS EN 15713 standard prevents the destruction of personal data determining the main conditions that must be complied with by the enterprises performing the It provides a framework. This framework is a framework for securing information. it is a guide.

Advantages of TS EN 15713 Certificate

Product and service providers thanks to ISO 15713 Certificate; safe In the destruction process, it is under pressure to follow an environmentally friendly policy. Companies that adopt an environmentally friendly approach, reduce their energy and raw material consumption. reduces, gives importance to recycling and ensures recycling, air and water prevent pollution and comply with environmental laws. Thus, among competing companies will have a more advantageous position. Along with all these, ISO 15713 Certificate; personnel security screening, facility security, how information is collected and protection, security measures during destruction, traceability of the destruction process competitiveness of companies operating in this sector in terms of increases. Having this certificate and to implement the necessary conditions, to seriously increase the brand value and prestige of the company. increases. In addition, being sensitive to the environment and social responsibilities in this regard Fulfillment is important for companies. This is where resources are rapidly depleted. At the same time, companies that attach importance to environmental awareness are one step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Destruction What is the certificate?

Every safe post-destruction, indicating where and when the containers were collected, and A Certificate of Destruction containing detailed information on its content is being prepared. Moreover the destruction process by the person or persons determined by the customer. It can be watched online, if desired. Destruction images can be presented to the customer as a DVD.

Enterprise What Can Be Obtained as Information?

Safe within the scope of destruction personnel files, contracts, drafts, client information, identification information, tax records, sales applications, credit card information, bank information, personal health information and documents containing this information, commercial your and your own, such as sensitive information brochures, sales plans, company reports. Information and documents that are important for your company can be obtained.

Safe What is Destruction? What is the Difference from Other Disposal and Recycling Operations?

Standard destruction and recycling operations, collection and disposal of disposal material It is not done in an uninterrupted flow. The received papers are divided into certain types, the process due to reasons such as waiting for the appropriate time for the shredding of the papers. can proceed without hesitation. Documents pending in this process are open to access. status. In addition, without observing a certain standard, pressing and large parts The operation is done by cutting it into.

Safe If it is in the process of destruction The received documents go directly to the destruction tape and are destroyed immediately without interrupting the flow. process starts. The disposal process is visually recorded and is certified. Shredding process in accordance with international standards

Document Destruction Divided in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the “Collection and Disposal of Non-Hazardous Waste” REISSWOLF< It is done safely by b> .

REISSWOLF Turkey carries out every step of the destruction process in accordance with high safety standards. Secure Data Disposal is under control by our quality managers throughout the entire operation, and this process is in accordance with TREN 15713- Safe disposal of Confidential Material, ISO 27001-Information Security, ISO 9001-Quality Management, ISO 14001-Environmental Safety. is certified.

In addition, within the technical possibility, all materials are recycled when destruction ends. In this way, the environment is protected.


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Materials for Safe Disposal;

• Paper Data Media – File, Folder, Expired Archive Documents

• Digital Data Media – Hard Disk, DVD, Data Cartridge

• Corporate Materials – Uniforms, Promotional Materials, etc.

Benefits of Secure Data and Document Destruction Solutions;

• Compliance with data protection laws

• Protection from sanctions as a result of data breach

• Confidentiality of customer and commercial information

• Protection of personal data

• Protection of company reputation

• Compliance with quality standards

• Professional handling of the data destruction process

• Identification of risks and regulation of liability

• Saving labor and resources

• Effective collection and recycling approach

REISSWOLF Disposal Solutions

Regular destruction: We can manage all your data destruction processes with routine service agreements determined by the contract.

One-time destruction: We can also serve your periodic needs within the framework of our general service conditions such as archive and office cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

After each destruction, indicating where and when the containers are collected and A detailed Certificate of Destruction is being prepared on the content of destruction. In addition, the person(s) to be assigned by the Customer can monitor the destruction or the Customer is provided with the opportunity to monitor the destruction area online as long as it is destroyed. Disposal images can be delivered to the Customer on DVD.

What can be taken as corporate information?

Personnel files, contracts, blueprints, lists, social security records , account and tax records, customer information, sales applications, bank information, credit card information, personal health information and any documents containing this information, old brochures containing commercial sensitive information, sales plans, company reports and so on are important to you and your company. information and documents.

What is "Safe Disposal", how is it different from other disposal and recycling processes?

Collection and destruction of destruction material in standard disposal and recycling operations It is not done with a continuous flow. The reasons for this are; are different situations such as sorting the received papers according to certain types, waiting for the appropriate time depending on the market. In this process, the pending documents are open to access as they maintain their integrity. In addition, the destruction process is done without a certain standard, for example, by pressing or cutting into large pieces.

In the "Safe Disposal" operation, the documents go directly from the point of receipt to the destruction tape and the disposal process starts immediately without interrupting the flow. The disposal process is visually recorded and certified. Shredding principles are also international standards suitable for that material.