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Document Disposal Times

Except document destruction, archival material and archival material, legal value and test results that do not need to be used and stored in the future segregation of materials that have lost their quality in accordance with procedures and principles and destruction process. In the regulation on document destruction times the stated principles, to prevent unnecessary material storage in archives, to eliminate confusion and confusion, decluttering the archive with unnecessary documents It is designed not to fill up, to prevent loss of space and work.

Destroying all types of documents regardless of their content. any type of writing, any type of writing, written by text, hand, typewriter or other techniques official or private covers (except those of historical value), judicial and administrative institutions, PTT and other official institutions and generally in exchange for embezzlement Documents delivered to PTT (parcel, money order, ordinary envelope and certificate, etc.), receipts, notices and all kinds of analog papers, embezzlement logs and remittance receipts, forms, statistical forms, various tables and lists, their correspondence and similar preparatory documents), only one All kinds of writings and duplicate copies written once, not related to the essential, but any correspondence serving a predetermined result, a copy of all kinds of reports and the like.

Between units, departments, institutions and organizations Except for the originals of the correspondence in the relevant unit, department, institution and organization, copies written by a unit, department, institution, and organization and contains many documents like other plain entities.

How to Dispose of Document

Document destruction times destroy the document before it comes to the subject It's important to talk about ways to do it. Services and activities of archives head of the unit responsible for organizing and executing or from the archives of the institution under the chairmanship of the responsible person, two officials to be assigned from the archives of the institution and by the head of the department and unit where the materials are located. determines. These documents are classified and destroyed. Institutional Archives A committee of two knowledgeable representatives is formed for Sorting and Disposal.

Type, unit, year, type of material to be destroyed, affiliation will be destroyed by incorporation and date and serial number on filing Two copies of destruction lists are created for the material. Disposal lists office staff signed by the General Directorate of State Archives and approved by the relevant It is finalized with the approval of the top manager of the institution and organization.

Document Destruction Period

Lists and destruction files arranged in duplicate, are grouped according to their correspondence and authorities, and the first of these copies is the unit. file and the second one is kept in the institution file. Since this period is 10 years, the document destruction times are determined in this way.