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Document Disposal Methods

Types of Document Disposal

The question

Types of document destruction  has been frequently asked recently. It is a question heard and answered. Covering certain criteria and its destruction required documents in such a way that they cannot be seen or read by someone else. It is chopped with special machines. Environmental protection as a paper raw material It is evaluated to be used in line with its conditions.

Industries and institutions have very sensitive information and this information will not be accessible by unauthorized persons. should be disposed of accordingly. Written documents of public/private institutions and organizations called archive, where documents are stored and stored in one place. is kept on the ground.

For a certain period of time, the documents remain in the archive room. then they must be destroyed. Most of these documents remain confidential. It should not be disclosed or consist of documents that are not wanted to be released. This Therefore, the destruction of documents that have lost their legal value and qualification as evidence. needs to be done. Documents to be destroyed according to their characteristics, year, nature, sequence number is separated and classified as the year to be destroyed.

How Disposal Methods Work?

This private information is randomly torn and thrown into ordinary trash cans. Disposal carries the risk of reassembly of documents. This That's why there are ways of operation of destruction methods. of these substances a few of them are as follows.

From this process information with businesses that want to benefit A contract is signed under the name of security and privacy.

  • The documents to be destroyed must be sent to the destruction address with special tools.
  • If desired, the destruction process can be carried out in the enterprise. it is made by a person in charge and can be viewed where it was made.
  • Disposal is professional in a closed area small enough to be reassembled by teams. It is performed by breaking it into parts.
  • The time of destruction is recorded with security cameras
  • Status with a certificate of destruction that the destruction process has finished
  • Additional destruction to the certificate, at the request of the entity records are saved and delivered to businesses.
  • The output material is recycled.


The Purpose of Destruction of Documents

In archives, the process is completed but has no value sorting or destroying documents that are not and should not be seen by anyone required. Document destruction methods to narrow and wrinkle spaces to ensure easy access of documents and to prevent job loss by putting an end to done in order not to.

The archives of many institutions and organizations are filled with documents and files. Because it is full, accessing documents is quite difficult. One of the main reasons for this One is the lack of a certain order in the system, periodic sorting and process. due to not doing so. For this reason, the process completed by the administration destruction of unused documents that have completed the inspection period, It will prevent a loss.

Documents to be destroyed in the form of date and sequence number prepared with lists. Destruction documents, chairman and members of destruction commissions It works in accordance with the process procedures with the signature of the company. This document destruction' Thanks to the methods , the confusion and heaps in the archive are prevented, it causes the officers to save time.