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Document Management Systems

Document management system to save files at work it is possible to make it regular and reliable. Actually document management system is a software to make this process faster and more practical. In this way, a much more practical and fast functioning system is obtained. Dense Not to lose historical data in jobs with document flow and to keep new ones up-to-date. Document management system is preferred to add as an addendum. In this way It is possible to archive even very old documents by scanning method.

A system with positive effects in many business areas known as. Information document management process is quite modern. The document management system, which has a version of meets. DYS, document management preferred by corporate companies With the system, possible document losses and problems are prevented. Same time where document management should be at a high level, such as libraries, government offices, It is also a preferred system in the fields. Also, these documents The format of archiving is also important.

Storage is just one of the operations and converts them to files. It is also preferred in terms of bringing is being done. In terms of finding the document sought afterwards, this process is completely is important. Also known as a digital archiving and management system, this The fact that everything is digital in the process extends its life and even makes it an endless process. makes it happen. Access to old documents in many workplaces It is the most practical way of providing Also important sources such as old books can also be stored in this digital system.

What is Document Management System (DMS)?

Document management system is called DYS for short. However, since both its working principle and features are curious, the document What is the management system is also asked. document management system In fact, it is the scope of applications and aims to carry out the process of storing and archiving documents. aims. Document management system in software produced for this purpose takes place digitally.

Many companies keep documents as paper documents Considering that the importance of document management system is increasing day by day. This rate It is possible to qualify between 80% and 95%. However, sometimes documents are in the wrong format. is stored and takes time to be corrected afterwards. In addition The cost of paperwork can also be a burden on companies in the long run. All to prevent them and to keep up with the developing technology. The system is a document management system.

Document Management System History

Previous document management system archive management system is happening. This system, also known as AYS, dates back to the centuries before Christ. is based on. Ancient Egyptian sources are the best example of this. present day There is also a lot of information about those who could not come to the present day. At the same time, there are examples of archive management systems such as Babylon and Rome. The document management system, which dates back to such an old age, is much more digital today. transformed into form. However, there is always a need for an archive. This is both necessary for remembering the past and getting records accurately is happening.

The archive management system is also the same as today's document management system. are the basics. Although modern changes have been made on it, the layout has a certain continues accordingly. Especially with the development of computer technology document management system emerged. This process started The years were 1980-85. With the advent of computers archive and classification process has been realized. The main factor that accelerates this process Computers have developed rapidly. Extremely fast growing and spreading computer applications have come into every office and home. This is the digitization process. accelerated and increased the transition to the document management system at the same rate. However, electronic signature started the most important stage of this process. Electronic Documents in the digital system with signature are acceptable in many places got the status.

What are Document Management System Features?

Document management system features, understanding the system of importance to. Knowing some basic features It also simplifies the process of understanding and using the system. need to know The first feature is the search feature. Searching, correct documents in DYS system It is preferred to find it in a way and the fastest way. TRUE The process of finding archived documents will also be facilitated by search. This episode is full Also called text search.

Version control is also among the prominent features. With version control, what changes a file has undergone before and when It is possible to know about Especially many employees of companies access to some files and documents is also high. can happen. In order to see the previous version and follow the process, gives confidence. Among document management system elements There are also integrations. These include networking, e-mail, CRM, etc. Different systems used in places can also be included. Especially Informing other people working in a company by e-mail is also possible with this method. can be transmitted easily. Existing documents are therefore available to many people. can be managed by Organization of documents by designated persons process can be followed and the most appropriate way can be planned. This it is also possible to play folders and files remotely. In this way, only in the office there is no need to be present. The document management system has many It integrates with the developing technology in terms of usage with its feature.


How Document Management System Works?

How the document management system works and its working principles What are some of the most frequently asked questions? Operation of the document management system resources are required. How and where to get these resources becomes the theme. These are;

·         Paper documents

·         Files currently in digital

·         External software.

Document management system is a system where many resources can meet. It is also used as a common area. However, the selected software is perhaps the most It is one of the big steps. The software has all national and international must comply with existing standards. Especially a commercial firm The legal processes of the countries with which it trades should also be followed. To be established It continues after important stages in the system. Because access to documents was also important. In addition, the system is compatible for electronic signature. providers must also be supported. This is approved by the Republic of Turkey. as well as internationally approved providers should be. While this expands the business area, it also shortens the paperwork process.

Where is the Document Management System Used?

Document management system usage areas which It also explains whether companies and institutions need it. document management system is included in the daily life of many companies and institutions. it has become like that. In this way, the operation process is much more practical. carries out. Documentation, especially in systems with a lot of documents With the management system, a deep database can be created. pretty old many purposes such as accessing documents, making changes on documents instantly. can be used for. The most prominent among the usage areas is finance. associated companies. Which is an area that covers almost all companies. is happening. Many companies document documents in terms of approved follow-up of the financial process. works with the management system. These include municipalities and public institutions. is included. Hospitals are the first institutions that come to mind. Hospitals Since he works very hard during the day and the paperwork density is high. This is the only way to follow up. It is also the oldest of the patients. It is possible to present disease histories by accessing even the documents. These Apart from the state-owned universities and private universities, document It works with the management system.

In addition to these, markets that manage the entire order process, companies are also included. Each of these is linked to finance. the entire process in order to protect both their own rights and the rights of customers. documents it and keeps it in its v digital archive. However, regular and document in order to calculate the expenses and to prevent a possible deficiency or problem. management system is preferred. In companies with this order line comes to the fore even more because it provides services in large areas in many provinces. For this reason, follow-up should also be electronically. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is affected by it. Many drugs come from abroad and their financial follow-up should be done. At the same time, the process of selling the drug is documented and archived. is important in many ways. All contracts, however, Documents such as application forms and insurance should be in the system. At the company's initiative Although it is a dependent preference, the use of a document management system is for every company. is an advantage.

What are the Advantages of Document Management System?

Document management system advantages the reasons for its use. Among the advantages, the prominent It shortens the search process. This feature that speeds up the process of work It offers the opportunity to find the most accurate document in a few seconds. With this It is also possible to follow up a document together. Regarding different versions information is obtained. Who are the documents with the document management system? access is also planned. In this way, all documents are safe. can happen.

In a possible problem, the computer that causes the document problem and It is also possible to obtain information about the person. Because the document management system is also dependent. New documents are also in the shortest time with the document management system. time can be entered. In this way, now with paper transactions is not dealt with. In terms of paper saving, since the documents consist of papers The transition to digital will also have a positive impact. The new documents are now completely It can be created digitally and, if supported, with an electronic signature. The whole process can be managed from here.

During the paperwork process of companies and indeed many public buildings It is also possible to get rid of the long loss of time. All documents are correct It is important to enter it at the right time. Missing document problem if this is provided In a possible case, just going to the past would be sufficient. A document that allows you to manage remotely wherever you are in the world. management system, all documents are instantly electronically signed. can be signed. Afterwards, document management and follow-up are also done in the same way. It can be done anytime anywhere in the world.

Document management system is very advantageous in terms of security. This prevents some situations such as information security and forgery of documents. When and by whom the changes made in the document were made in the system. is seen. If all these are included in the entire software, the documents are the most is securely protected. Access may be limited when necessary is an added advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Document Management System

1- Are there document management system document types? if any what are they?

In the document management system, the documents have folders and It has two different systems without folders. Business software done here determines. Optionally, with and without folders, alternatives are mentioned. subject. Some files do not need a folder and can only be searched. access is available.

2- Does the document management system provide efficiency?

The document management system is highly efficient provides. There are multiple reasons for this. However, the first thing to notice document search process ends in seconds. In this way, the business process As it accelerates, it is possible for the person to be affected positively. Employees searching for documents does not waste time with the process and maintains their motivation.

3- What are the contributions of the document management system to the environment?

Before the document management system, paper consumption was very high. It should be noted that there is more. This process is difficult to follow The paper rate used is negative in terms of both budget and nature. produces results. However, especially the establishment of the electronic signature system and Along with the document management system, the whole process is digitally has been carried out. The system, which has greatly reduced the use of paper, is suitable for companies. It also provided financial gain.

4- Remote Working process document management system Has it affected?

Document management system, due to many factors in the world, has become an important part of the growing process of working at home. home working process required remote access, and the document management system provides. In case of software that supports electronic signature, the document management system makes it easy to work remotely in many business areas. work process by providing the opportunity to work without being present in your life and at the workplace It also speeds up the process.