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ISMS Policy

ISMS to protect all information of many companies and organizations and It is a system that creates them in order to manage them. ISMS policy As of its expansion, it is “Information Security Management System”. Information information of all institutions and organizations, large and small, with the security management system is covered with careful protection.

This system with security room complies with ISO 27001 standard has. At this stage, both employees and managers protect information, and the operation area is limited. Information security management system There are three basic principles for These principles are confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. form. Within the scope of all these, ISMS both protects confidentiality and It has the ability to limit access. At the same time, the user's It is also possible to remove the transportation of the marble from a complicated situation.

Access in this system, which is also practical in terms of accessibility boundaries are decisive. However, the establishment of this system does not take place in a short time. The size of the firm is also important here. Number of employees, number of people to be reached, Company information and confidentiality is very important. The system is built on this and it can take months. However, after the system is created, expert informatics It will also be effective to be checked regularly by.

What is ISMS Policy?

Information security management system policy It is a system established to protect security. Republic of Turkey It is a system that complies with the TS ISO/IEC 27001 standard of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To protect information in the content of information security management system, to ensure that the right people for the process to make it accessible and to include this information as a whole. provides an advantage.

As this system includes employees, they must also comply There is a required process. At the same time, all parties must comply Failure of these rules causes the system not to meet its requirements. is happening. Information security management system policy is also in government institutions. valid. ISMS policy is implemented in many government offices and employees also complies with this order.

What is ISMS policy is also for companies. is asked. Information about companies' performance indicators It is a suitable platform for them to acquire. A certain amount of information processed in the system to talk about an appropriate policy also to follow the progress of the time interval possible. In addition to this, an internal control mechanism is also Information security. included in the management system. In addition, the system regularly It is important to undergo safety assessments. As penetration tests It is preferred to apply the described tests for security reasons.

What is ISMS Policy Scope?

ISMS scope specific to company and institution not described. The scope is quite wide and covers the whole process of operation. affects. Therefore, the scope of information security management system is wide. with the perspective of each institution and organization to determine their own scope offers. Every company's employees are different. Information at this stage security management system can be used more effectively by keeping it in a wider framework. process has been followed.

To qualify the ISMS policy scope under the following headings possible:

·         Information systems

·         Employees

·         Those with access to IT

·         ISMS system itself and its infrastructure

·         Procurement process

·         Monitoring the network process and solving possible problems

·         All kinds of commercial information of the company

·         Many status information such as performance tracking is included in the scope of the security management system.

What are ISMS Policy Principles?

Some principles as the foundation of every system are available. These principles are general principles and not specific to the company. customization is possible. These principles, which are open to limitations, is based on facilitating and helping. What are ISMS policy principles The question is also asked at this stage.

ISMS access control policy it is possible to make it orderly and systematically. In such transactions, control mechanism is important. In particular, the large An information security management system is required in order to keep track of companies. is happening. At this stage, to prevent information pollution, to access existing information and protecting them is the feature of this system.

·         Privacy

·         Integrity

·         3 basic principles of accessibility system

Importance of ISMS Policy

ISMS systems to evaluate company-specific A general evaluation can be made as well as possible. ISMS policy emerges with its importance and advantages. Among these advantages Of course, there is the protection of information.

Although this is easier in small-scale companies, the existence of the system makes this process more reliable. However, large scale In organizations, security is among the essential requirements. Security must be maintained at all times and must be checked regularly. emerges in principle. Security with information security management system factor is not to be worried about.

Information security management system directly It also provides a facilitating effect upon entering the system. Especially information security management system, which stands out in terms of accessibility, or provides much easier access to information without searching for long periods of time.

At the same time, all this information and documents Being on the ground also helps. From the moon with the principle of integrity Gain knowledge of growth, expansion and all the work done month by month or year by year It is possible to be able to.