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Developing technology allows for the protection of many documents. provides. This process, called digitalization, is generally transferring documents to the digital system as an archive method. known. With digitization, documents are protected and access is also makes it easier. So actually digitization is just to store documents and It is not important for protection. It also facilitates access to documents. When it comes to digitization and archiving, the first thing that comes to mind is libraries and government offices come.

Digitalization first came from government offices and It started from places where the ratio of documents was very high, such as libraries. However today's developing technology makes digitization accessible to everyone. brings. In this way, many large and small companies can immediately benefit from the positive effects of digitization. This too It greatly saves and speeds up the paperwork process of companies. This Therefore, the archiving process is combined with digitization. Archiving is especially It is an important process that companies need.

Technology that develops and becomes more involved in life makes it much more practical by doing it with digitization. Especially It is important that the process is as practical as after digitization. Document many companies with a high density are not in the right order for digitization. should follow.

What is Digitization?

There is a question of what digitalization is. Digitalization Many questions are asked, such as what is and how to do it. Firstly It is necessary to know the connection of digitization with archiving. Digitization is the digitalization of a document by applying different techniques. It is the general name of the transfer process. Here is a sequence of operations and accordingly, there is an archiving. Digitization makes archiving much more It's a whole process that makes it easy.

The archiving process is intense and requires a lot of attention. Since digitization is a process, it is also necessary to control it. is advantageous. Digitization, in particular, must not be destroyed and is a the ability to gather together all the documents that should not disappear for some reason has the opportunity. Of course with archiving after digitization is brought into order. Accurate archiving of digitized documents techniques and a quality archive for many years of use. is obtained. Therefore, how digitization is done as well as what it is. is also important.

The right equipment and experience for the right digitization people are needed. However, each company has an experienced expert in this field. may not be. In this case, there are employees who need to acquire this experience. will be. Since the developing technology also requires digitization, learning will contribute a lot to the archiving process. Digitization Without it, it is not possible to obtain a digital archive.

The Difference Between Digitization and Digitization

Although it looks similar, digitalization with digitization there is a difference. Digitization is a tangible transfer of the document to the digital plane. If digitalization of the document uploaded to the system with digitization on a different system. has access.

For example, a document added to the system by digitization Adding it to Google Drive or the cloud and accessing it from there is digitalisation. Digitization is now the internet with digitization on the internet of a file that is included in the system and the technological plane. is navigating. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably such a stark difference between digitization and digitization are available.

How to Digitize?

With digitization, documents have numeric encodings while this allows them to be preserved for much longer years. Especially With the technology developing a little every day, the length of the life of the documents is also increasing. Therefore, apart from the generally accepted information about digitization, It is also necessary to obtain information such as how to .

Especially following technology and working in this field It provides benefits in many industries. One of them is archiving. Archiving required in every business area is integrated with digitization. Digitization does not always have to have large coverage areas. Because Many large and small companies prefer digitization. If the duration It is open to change depending on the document rate. physical with digitization it is possible to transfer a part to the digital plane. As Digitization qualification is also related to its grouping and filing.

For digitalization, it is necessary to select the documents first. It is important to sort these documents and digitize them in the correct order. same At the same time, every digitalized content also needs to be classified. Opposite Otherwise, there will be a scattered order and access to documents will be difficult. Digitization This is included as it covers the entire process. Of course at this stage The documents should be examined one by one. In this way, documents that are not required is discarded and time is gained for the digitization process. Eliminated documents After discarding, the documents that are currently required should be placed in a certain order. This layout is more practical when it is done before the digitization process begins.

Things to Consider During Digitization

Things to consider while digitizing It is a topic that is often overlooked. However, emphasis on digitization It prevents mistakes made during the process. Therefore, digitization This information must be obtained beforehand.

· Specially similar before digitization or, if any, companies that have made digitization in the same business areas information about their work. Accessing it via the digital system sometimes it is possible. If not, the studies of companies working in different fields in this field are also can be followed.

· Then choosing among documents It is important. Not every document needs to be digitized and Some documents are also considered unnecessary.

· Digitizers must be selected. Not being given an additional job in terms of concentrating on this job and it is also important to gain some experience for this system.

· Without deviating from the principles of archiving, only the institution A digitization should be carried out taking into account the concept and style. This is where originality comes into play.

· A pre-digitalization roadmap is quite It is important because during digitization, a work should be done in accordance with this. will be done.

Why is Digitization Important?

Digitalization greatly affects daily life. Digitization includes our own small and very few documents. It is also important for large-scale documents of large companies and institutions. But why is digitization important and what exactly does it do There are some questions in mind. The importance of digitization It attracts attention because of its long-term. With digitization many tangible documents are now becoming longer-lasting on the digital plane. At the same time, it is possible to prevent situations such as aging and saving the current image. is also prevented.

Documents cause major and minor events such as fire, water spillage can easily be destroyed. This is especially true in government institutions and large important in companies. digitized and here in the system The documents that have taken place can now be protected in the event of a possible fire. This For this reason, first of all, the digitalization of existing documents and then the new It is advantageous to regularly transfer the incoming documents to this plane. will provide.

However, to be able to propagate the existing document is important. Although methods such as photocopy and fax are preferred to disseminate documents, they do not always meet the basic need. However, with digitization Transactions such as transferring and transferring a document can be done in a few seconds. At the same time, the limit of people to transfer is much more optional as it is optional. is systematic and reliable. Of course, in terms of the correct publication of the document is important.

The propagation of documents is not always correct. It is possible to see this in many historical works. documents from the past access to the present and possible erroneous interpretations in the digital system and prevent problems. That's why digitization is part of our life. It is also preferred because of its benefits.