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Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management is carried out at REISSWOLF facility in accordance with procedures in accordance with KVKK regulations, in private and high-security areas that are visually recorded with CCTV, or at customer location. Scan procedures have been established in accordance with TS 13298 (Electronic Document Management System), ISO/TR18492:2005 (Long-term Protection of Electronic Document Based Information), ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security System.

What is Digital Document Management?

Digital Document Management system takes place in different environments It facilitates the organization process of digital documents. Digital document management systems digital documents, files and It facilitates the storage of data in other document formats. Digital document management systems are very similar to database infrastructures. applies the working principles. Digital document management different usage options in business processes that businesses digitize provides. Businesses digital document management system and documents using tools; to record, archive, store or In addition to operations such as backing up, there are opportunities such as making common access. provides. In this way, digital document management systems It responds to the versatile usage needs of businesses. In this context Businesses have a good digital document management that makes them competitive. will make it more advantageous against businesses. To the digitalized world Businesses that cannot adapt will be doomed to be deleted from the business world. non-renewable and a systematic analysis of businesses that are not developing or are against these developments. even their partnerships due to the work they could not advance can be corrupted. Mixed accounts cause those businesses to make mistakes.

What Does a Digital Document Management System Do?

Purpose of digital document management a digital platform that allows multiple uses of information and documents. It has an access that provides access from a single point in the environment. In this context, the aim easy availability of all documents to be used in studies or to ensure easy updating. At the same time, for all these processes It is also possible to save on labor, time and costs used. Today All data being used is safe and accurate for future generations. transfer is also among its aims. Institutional information flow the benefits it provides;

·  It is aimed to avoid data duplication.

· Reduces document preparation costs.

· Documents are made easier to access.

·       Information sharing becomes easier.

· In terms of content, document quality is increased.

· It is aimed to protect data integrity from corporate point of view.

·       Makes documents reusable.

· Preventing time wasting by creating new documents

Why Should You Get Services on Digital Document Management?

Digital document management system abbreviated as DYS infrastructures are generally close to database and server formats. They work on principle. An existing server or a virtualized they are opened for common use over the infrastructure. Thanks to this sharing area Different units within the company can access archived documents. Through a shared, accessible area that is linked to each other document thanks to the DYS infrastructures operating carry out their management. In addition, within the scope of DYS digital, which responds to the different needs of businesses in different ways. archive software can also be designed. Various usage Thanks to digital archive software that offers options businesses are making document and documentation processes more systematic. The systems to be designed in the same way, the existing database of the enterprises It can degenerate with infrastructures or server systems. In this way, businesses succeed in their documentation and document archiving processes. they adapt it to digital. In this way, businesses are digitally active. They avoid the causes that cause confusion in the business world because they use it.

How the Scanning Process of the Digital Document Management System is Performed

Digital Document management systems infrastructureswork being designed as versatile systems to avoid confusion of documents that facilitate the work of many businesses in the world it also allows them to find what they are looking for regularly when they are looking for are digital solutions used as regular business management. of this method In case of using the They even protect their work. companies in the digital world provides many benefits within and if it can adapt to the dynamics of The advantages of using these software are listed as follows.

Clarifying Complex Document Flow Process: Complex clarifying the document flow process for businesses to exist in the digital world it is very important. Complex document flow The process is often the most in the workflows of corporate structures or official institutions. one of the compelling factors. Digital documents and archives of the digital world management possibilities such as thanks Businesses mentioned on the subject, complex documentation processes they can organize by clarifying. For this, complex document flow they need the clarification process. Complex document flow If the process is not clarified, the documents sought and not found will also be incompletely filled and mixed documents

Integrated Usage with Database Structure: Data Integrated use of the base structure of all files in the business world is very important to ensure safety. Entities the databases they have and its servers are among the most important equipment for their entire workflow. In this context, with options such as the document archive management system, data Integrated usage options with base hardware can be easily are provided. Using the database structure in an integrated way It ensures that all problems that may occur are solved as soon as possible.

Improving Document Accessibility: Document easy access to all documents whose accessibility needs to be improved. provides. Document accessibility, especially of cloud-based systems It has become easier as it spreads. Cloud-based usage archive management systems that provide options, documents in shared environments It also allows hosting. Thus, the documents It can be easily shared between different units. bet While it simplifies business processes with the previous usage option, it offers different between departments contact it also eliminates the difficulty. between different departments the elimination of difficulties, the simultaneous control of all units of the enterprise provides its availability. of the business under control departments have the opportunity to work smoothly.

Highly Classifiable and Organized Availability: Digital Document management Another important advantage of use within the scope of It is the efficiency process that they can be easily organized. In line with this, Businesses that are users of the system digitize their existing archive structures. They don't just adapt. At the same time, complex archive structures It also provides advantages such as categorizing and categorizing certain classes. they are doing. If the complex archive structure cannot be categorized, businesses are urgent. In some cases, they may not be able to find the documents they need to find. same Documents that are not divided into certain classes at the same time are between departments. they can cause confusion. The task of each department in every business and its Depending on the working documents are different. In case of confusion of these documents all business of the business can be mixed.

What is OCR? What Does the OCR System Do?

OCR technology, which means optical character recognition, It is useful for digitized data extraction. At the same time all lower costs of use from costs and other sources It is a method that provides profit to businesses. OCR, also called text recognition system only images from scanned documents and camera images. PDFs are used.

Optical character recognition (OCR) software separates letters, transforms them into words, and then make sentences out of words. In this way, it is taken from physical environments. It provides digital access to original content. OCR manual data Eliminates the need for input. OCR processes are known as to PDF of legal or historical documents that have hard copies used for conversion. So users are OCR users can format the documents they are looking for as if they were created with a word processor, They can also edit and search.

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Benefits of Digital Document Management;

• Removal of time and labor loss caused by physically searching the archive for the documents to be used

• Ensuring the security of documents by digitizing them against the risk of loss

• Reducing the physical wear and tear of documents by eliminating the need to constantly remove them from the file

• Protection of file integrity and content originality of documents

• Restriction of access to documents and traceability

• The ability of more than one person to work on the same document at the same time to the extent of their authority and multiple

• Quickly confirming the existence of a file and ensuring its use

• Incorporating documents digitally into the in-house workflow and increasing in-house efficiency due to fast access

• Especially documents with an indefinite or long legal retention period are bound to wear out over time
. The current image quality will be preserved by transferring it to digital media

• Reaching the pages containing that word by word-based search

• Executing the whole process in compliance with the law

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to switch to digital archive?

First, your entire archive or related sections are scanned in accordance with text search (OCR). After recording your digital documents, they are made available to you through the cloud-based archive.

Can I protect my documents from unauthorized access?

Of course. You have the option to assign individual permissions or set access guidelines that allow you to limit availability to the system based on day and location. For example; You can define the IP group with access rights, so you can only access the system during working hours and in your office.

Why cloud-based archive?

Cloud-based systems, It is more secure than personal computers. It is preferred in terms of confidentiality. It provides cost savings by reducing license cost and capital infrastructure.

What types of files does the system allow?

PDF, Microsoft Office You can directly transfer your files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) to REISSWOLF Document Management System. You can view all your files without the need for additional software.