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This secure web portal designed to manage your physical archives; It can be used in two different ways or as a combination of both. RWAM allows you to manage your archives stored at our facilities. RWASoffice, on the other hand, provides the management of the internal archive in cases where part of the document archiving is carried out at the customer location. However, both have the same usage profile. In this way, internal and external archive management is provided seamlessly and in an integrated manner.

What is RWAM?

RWAM is used in English and other languages. Each It is an organization that has a different meaning and operation in the language. One of these meanings secure web site, one of which is designed to manage physical archives. its portal. RWAM can be used in two different ways. same It can also be used in combination of two subjects. RWAM if you are a business and protect that business' data or archives If you are having difficulties, it is necessary to save your data and archives for you. It is an organization that provides security. At the same time, RWAM It gives you the chance to manage your archives and data that are being stored. Each You can access all kinds of information by assigning an authorized person or yourself. You can change the documents you reach at the same time. This In this way, your internal and external archive management will be integrated and integrated without any problems.

What is Archive Management System?

AYS (Archive Management System) of all institutions and organizations the continuity of the information and documents that enable the creation and execution of the business process It is a system that ensures safe storage in terms of  Thanks to the regular management of the archive documents are prevented from being worn, lost or confused. This With the system, access to information becomes easier because it is sought after for hours and The document that cannot be found can be found in the digital environment with a single click. Archive management under the auspices of the government, businesses and private organizations with private information about contains. In addition, the stored and retained information is even passed on to future generations. It can be transferred safely without spoiling. Archive management system archive the problems caused by the use of information as paper or report, and while eliminating costs, it also ensures accessibility. makes it easier.

Archive Management System Benefits:

·         Time thanks to effective use of time It saves money.

·         As only authorities can access the information because it is safer.

·         Makes documents more accessible.

·         Loss or wear of files

·         Minimizes document storage cost.

·         Protection of documents in natural disaster situations and ensures that it is not damaged.

·         Minimizes the amount paid to the archive.

Archive management called when the system is not in use access to information was made from more limited documents. This Thanks to the dissemination of the system, faster access to the information sought possible errors on the document easily by the system. can be corrected. This is the extra time that goes into searching and examining the document. While the time saved is minimized thanks to the system, spent to be efficient. The importance of the archive is that all kinds of documents to ensure that it arrives intact. This topic is also Archive management systems are easily handled.

What Should Be Considered in AYS?

Archive management system, working in a systematic way Every step must be taken care of. Archive management systems It consists of two different modules. These are the document tracking system. and project management system. These two systems are works in conjunction. Documentation in internal and external correspondence tracking system is used. Works done for project services and The project management system manages all the documents that belong to them.  Project management system restoration and urban transformation projects, tender files, photographs, institutions and organizations It helps to organize reports and save them to the system. Digital Files in formats are one of the easiest files to save to the system. is one. Archive management system during the recording of documents will ask its users to enter the document user information. Promise profile information, type of document, essence of the document, place of origin, sub sector, upper sector, sector information, etc. to archive management of information important for recording. Each document registered in the system is a gets the index number. Thanks to these index numbers, documents from the system

What Causes Misuse of AYS:

·         Documents with code to archive management system Incorrect or incomplete entry of the code during registration due to the fact that they are saved result in the subsequent registration and all other steps being wrong.

·         Multiple standard file plans in official articles If the code is desired to be used, each of these articles should be written separately. must be produced. If this is not observed, an issue By entering too many topics in it, it causes these topics to be mixed with each other.

·          Archive It is very important that the annual reports are not sent to the General Directorate of State Archives. it causes serious problems.

·         A healthy and meticulous test of conformity Failure to do so also causes serious problems.

·         Every year's Archive of the previous year, which must be done in January the material is not reviewed by the relevant units, therefore, the process leads to incompleteness. Those whose process is in progress and the process are completed, but are required to be retained. no distinction should be made.

·         Destroying should be done without establishing the institutional archive. Trying it causes problems.

·         Has sufficient knowledge of disposal process Personnel who cannot

·         Technical personnel dealing with archives inadequacies or the constant lack of staff working in that field. Changing it causes technical problems.

The problems can be reproduced with examples. technical qualification On the other hand, these problems are almost non-existent in the enterprises that have reached their destination. Archive management system to advanced personnel and advanced technologies Companies that have reached the highest level can easily solve any problem that arises. This Businesses that want to get consultancy on the subject have the best archive management. Companies should be well researched. Business thanks to a well-chosen business

RWAM Features and Benefits

RWAM user business data more easily can reach. The data they have reached through the authorized person they have assigned. have the right to change and update. always protected and they can have a secure business understanding thanks to their hidden information.

Authority Based Access: RWAM is different for each document group. has authorizations. Each document requires a separate care and order. In this sense, the documents of the users are more competent. Different Documents with authorizations can be easily parsed and developed.

Traceable Transaction History: All transactions are recorded is taken. These recorded documents are easily can be reported. It provides easy access to the recorded information. Since the information is recorded, there is no wear and tear.

Creating a Demand for Safe Disposal: There are expiration dates. Some documents do not want to be stored for a long time and It is requested to be destroyed on the specified date. From the date of destruction to the system enterprises informs about documents. Destruction date after business approval documents are deleted permanently.

Creating a Document Request: Keeps documents on request. If you want to access these documents businesses request a document on the system they use. they are found. After this request, the documents they want to the businesses are 24 hours a day. It is sent in.

Detailed Search: The one you have created on the system Inventory by filtering documents by date, department or file types You can search the document you are looking for comprehensively. You can easily find the way you want. The documents themselves You can easily access the document by typing the codes that you have accessed.

Frequently Asked Questions About RWAM

1.  ;      What is RWAM and what is it used for?

RWAM enables businesses to store files and documents more easily. It is the name of a business that provides and provides opportunities for them in this regard. your files to be transferred to the next generations without any problems, enabling more effective use. It is a leading institution. Businesses that want their documents safe uses.

2.       Which businesses use RWAM?

 RWAM files avoiding extra cost and labor for this job that wants to be safe It is used by all businesses and organizations that want it. State institutions, private institutions and organizations, etc.



  • Authority Based Access: Different authorizations for each document group can be done.
  • Trackable Transaction History: All transactions are recorded taken and easily reported.
  • Creating Demand for Safe Disposal: System destruction date incoming reminds you of the documents.With your approval, these documents will be destroyed.
  • Creating a Document Request: When you need your documents stored at our facilities you can have it delivered to you within 24 hours with the request you will create on the system.
  • Detailed Search: Date, department on system You can perform extensive searches on the inventory with filters such as , file type, etc.