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Integrated Document Management in Turkey since 2008; Physical Archive Management, Digital Document Management and Secure Disposal processes since 1994 with REISSWOLF Turkey, which provides end-to-end solutions for Technology and technology serving international organizations in Turkey and Europe By combining its strengths, BIS Çözüm, which is a service provider They formed a business partnership. REISSWOLF Turkey's knowledge in the sector, BIS Çözüm's technology, software, to provide fast and reliable solutions by combining integration and R&D experiences A strong step has been taken. “Quarter in business solutions and technology Together with BIS - Business Integration Services, which has a century of experience developed a new digital archive application"

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1. Data Storage in Turkey

2. Cloud Based or Company Inside Installation

3. Detailed Authorizeme and Traceable Operation History

4. Need CustomDocument Categorization

5. Custom File Structure

6. Scanned All To archive Instant Reach or NewDocument Installation

7. DataStorage Laws Compatible Digital Archive Layout

8. All From Devices Usage Possibility

9. Easy File Upload (Drag – Drop)

10. Image Scanning (OCR) and Full-Text Search

11. Secure Folder and FileShare

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With Doxagon and DYS, the data is stored on in-house servers or It is safely stored in cloud environments. Now a necessity for companies Doxagon – DYS services, which have become companies, especially information security and cost reduction. provides an advantage in this regard. Made for corporate needs in the process proceeding through regulations and categorization and access restrictions Healthy digitalization is implemented for companies.

Doxagon in short

2008 Integrated document management in Turkey since physical archive management, End-to-end solution for digital document management and secure destruction processes with reisswolf turkey, which provides Technology and service serving international organizations in Europe By combining its BIS solution strengths, which is a provider of they partnered.

Reisswolf Turkey's knowledge, experience and archive in the sector technology, software, integration and R&D By combining their experiences, The step has been taken.

''with a quarter-century of experience in business solutions and technology business integration New digital archive application developed with service

What is Doxagon?

Doxagon, as a result of the accumulated documents, the company files that contain the company's private/important information. uncontrolled proliferation of the process flow due to the multitude of documents. It is a document digitization service that prevents slowdown.

Especially preferred by medium-sized and large-scale companies With these systems, cost savings, information security, access convenience, quality time management, and leakage/abuse of company information. advantages such as the prevention of

What is DMS?

DYS; It stands for Document Management System. is the concept. Thanks to the document management system, the document in the electronic environment, documents, information, contracts, etc. All documents can be organized. Scanning physical media documents that often need to be returned It is studied by indexing and importing into DYS. In this way documents can be accessed quickly, easily and reliably.

Scanning hardcopy documents by different and type usually to the internet environment, which enables them to be digitized using field DYS; intranet or internet, which have legal retention periods Being able to open to research, questioning by authorized personnel, as a management system that includes monitoring and reporting modules. provides service.

What's the Difference Between Cloud or On-Premise?

Cloud and On-premise concepts Often people are confused because they are Cloud or On-premise difference They ask what is it.

Today's rapidly advancing and developing digitalization; now In businesses, luxury has become a basic need, not a need. So on-premise In-house systems also provide digitalization services developed in this way. one of the terms. The most important point for systems is always is security. Data security; with on-premise systems can be provided safely. Being managed by the IT team, the company for the management of the entire solution, even though it makes the in-house systems seem more reliable. lagging behind cloud systems in terms of effort and costs, and Most people agree that there is a system that causes more spending. is happening. Integration in a possible problem in in-house systems applications, software licenses, and IT professionals who will be involved will be required. Instead of these costs, cloud systems are always more preferred. they seem feasible.

Cloud systems are much different and more possibilities than On-premise offering systems. Unlike inside the company, within the company there is only one While data access can be provided in the environment, 3rd party providers in cloud systems All data is stored by In this way, the payment scheme of the company scaling by highlighting issues such as awareness, business enlargement can be done. Cloud systems do not need capital expenditure, regular data recording facility and payment for backup operations companies is attractive to No IT team is needed for cloud systems and authorized persons can access documents by providing instant access.

What Should Be Considered in DMS Systems

What should be considered in DYS systems the question, It reflects a very important issue. daily in the company document circulation, employees and meeting minutes document uses, customer visit documents, offer files, etc. number of documents; takes place at an intensity that is difficult to follow. it's intense Digitization provides a great advantage for the management of the flow. However; Choosing the right DYS system is as much as using the DYS system within the enterprise. is important.

By keeping the company needs and features in the foreground, some First of all, in order to pay attention to the points and to choose the most suitable DYS System, target needs to be determined. Goals before deciding on a DMS by determining; facilitate finding and sharing documents, increasing efficiency to increase the use of paper, to reduce the use of different departments, to ensure that they can reach or not reach the documents, to develop cooperation, identification, etc. such as developing security protocols with functions which of the functions should be at the forefront of the company must be specified.

Choosing the right DMS; definition of business processes is important. Critical business processes should be identified and work flows with solutions. The main topics that need to be optimized should be selected. A good and correct DMS; review and approval processes prior to finalization of documents. should be able to be used functionally. periodic reminder functions can take advantage of DMS, such as restrictions on editing permissions Being in business increases the quality in business processes.

Explanation of Doxagon Features and Advantages

Doxagon operating as a digital document system Thanks to its features, all documents belonging to the company can be digitized. can be converted. Doxagon is also a backup and archiving service. It is one of the conveniences included in the digitization activity. By making authorizations on the basis of personnel, according to the department and personnel access and processing restrictions are defined. To the relevant file, the relevant persons can access. In this way, the company is protected from improper access and its consequences. is preserved.

How Does Doxagon Comply With Data Protection Laws?

KVKK, the person's fundamental rights and freedoms starting from privacy protecting their freedoms, processing personal data and real/legal persons It is the law numbered 6698, which was enacted in order to determine its obligations. Personal data within the scope of the law in Doxagon; identified or processing as any information relating to identifiable natural persons. obtaining or recording all or part of the personal data, storage, preservation, modification, disclosure, transfer, or It is defined as any action that prevents its use. doxago, KVKK lighting obligation specified in the lighting text and the explanation text. offers to its users. Purposes of processing and transfer of records, Concepts such as the responsibilities of individuals and companies are clearly stated. compliance is achieved. Thanks to Doxagon data protection laws All illegal and unwanted activities, especially fraud

Frequently Asked Questions About Doxagon and DYS

1. How does the installation process work with these systems?

Documents can be easily uploaded to the system in single or multiple forms. It is also possible to scan documents during the loading phase.

2. What does Visual Scanning do?

There is a scanning, that is, OCR function. In this way, the need Access to images by searching the text on the image can be provided.

3. How to authorize and share?

All privileges based on user It is customized on the basis of file/document/folder/department. Also request If necessary, documents can be shared with people outside the system and Changing the authorizations can be arranged upon your request.