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Next Generation Communication

''New Generation'' Communications after COVID-19 In the changing business world, we combined our digital services with Muhaberat. We offer fast and digital approaches in mail receiving processes. We offer solutions for two issues with the services we offer in internal and inter-organizational communication: '' Paperless Office'' and ''Hygienic Office''In this context; all incoming and outgoing document manages your documents and materials in a confidential, reliable, digital and we do it hygienically.

Next Generation Communication For more information, you can contact us at the links below.

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Accept Mail

''Next Generation'' Communication starts with you forwarding your mail to us or we collect it from your address.

Your mail that reaches us is recorded at the time of delivery.

After that, all your mails are scanned as you prefer and forwarded to you or the relevant address.


All your scanned mails are OCR compliant PDF saved as files.

Mails whose process is finished can be archived or destroyed safely, depending on their content.


Documents transferred to digital environment, according to your preference, orders, contracts, invoices, receipts, etc. It is classified under types.

All checked documents are directed to your existing system or cloud-based secure system so that the access authorities you specify can access.

Forwarding and Distribution

We offer your documents to your use through our cloud system, which can be integrated into your existing system or internal system, and which you can access from all mobile and desktop devices.