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Bilmeniz gereken 10 siber güvenlik trendi

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world of work since 2020. Many companies and employees have switched to working from home and we can say that this situation will not change anytime soon. However, our homes and personal spaces often lack adequate security measures. This is why security experts predict that online attacks against the home office will continue to increase in 2021.

Here's a look at the top 10 cybersecurity trends in 2021

1- Synchronization and time server attacks

For example, disabling Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Windows time server synchronization standards, server licensing and may cause batch-based operations to fail. This makes it easy for hackers to attack core IT structures and backend processes.

2- Influencing machine learning processes

More and more companies are turning to automated processes. If cybercriminals manage to gain access to the original training data, they can manipulate the data and disrupt the functioning of self-learning systems by injecting data to break the integrity of the data.

3- Machine Learning Attacks

Cybercriminals abuse artificial intelligence (AI) to attack IT systems and networks. Machine learning engines are selectively trained with data from successful attacks to spy on and identify patterns and vulnerabilities in security systems faster than ever before.

4- “Deepfake” attacks

"deepfake" attacks using artificial intelligence, video, audio with fake identities that look deceptively real and creates image files. Experts believe that at some point it will no longer be possible to tell whether you are communicating with a real person or a "fake".

5- Remote access attacks

Applications to home workstations using phishing methods via email, voice, text and instant messaging messages attacks can be expected to continue.

6- GDPR laws are crushing companies

As quickly as possible, the courts enlarged data protection laws on data exchange between international companies, Europe and the USA. forced into implementation. This includes processing customer data and providing and developing procedures and reporting policies for necessary data deletion and breaches.

7- More social media attacks

Insecure authentication and authentication methods allow hackers to break into corporate networks via social media.


8- Users become hackers' toys

By theft, bribery or threatening to release stolen data, hackers can gain access to corporate networks or pay ransom tries to force payments.

9- Cyber ??insurance is on the rise

More and more companies are protecting themselves against data theft with cyber insurance.

10- Increasing digital identity theft

When IT systems and services are accessed from outside the corporate network or data center environment, functioning identification mechanisms are the most effective against cyber attacks. good protection.

10 guesses that show that data security and protection is more important than ever. However, it should not be forgotten that countless physical data is produced every day for all cyber scenarios, especially in remote working order. Whether it's invoices, notices, correspondence or sensitive customer data, none of them belong in the household trash or regular paper bin!

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