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Arşiv Yönetiminde Aşılması Gereken Sorunlar

What should you do when you need to keep company-related documents for years?

  1. The documents are safe against unauthorized access, KVKK to store in a compatible order.
  2. To set up a system where you can quickly access documents when you need them.
  3. Saving time, cost and frustration while doing all this

REISSWOLF's highly secure archives offer you exactly:

  1. Your documents will be safely protected for many years, depending on your needs, in a KVKK compliant layout.
  2. REISSWOLF software RWAM provides 24/7 access to your entire archive and simplifies your archive management.
  3. Save time and money! < /span>Check out doing our Archive Budget Control  Do not hesitate. 

Archives, normally the task of systematic acquisition of written or visual and audio media and electronic storage media, They are institutions that are registered, ordered, permanently stored and indexed. It actually has a pretty broad definition.

The first thing companies think about when planning archives is the field. Although many companies have a space for an archive, space is one of the last issues to be considered when planning archives. The most important issues to consider are; how to create an order, how to protect and how to manage. REISSWOLF archives offer more than exactly what an archive has to offer; Acquisition, recording, ordering, permanent storage,  indexing of your documents and safe destruction of expired documents according to the decision of the institution. 

These processes, all carried out in REISSWOLF facilities; It also eliminates the problems that the institution may experience in the future by relying on foundations such as insurance, quality certificates, security measures and legal compliance.

No one but you and us knows where your data is in this unbelievable padding, as all documents are stored in the same boxes with just barcodes. Pretty clever, right? And it's much safer than having all your data stored in bulk in a single room in your buildings. Access controls, partitioned rack sprinklers, data protection sworn personnel, SaaS digital archive management - it's all in the total package. You can also get rid of your archive load by switching to the REISSWOLF archive layout.