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Yeni Ofis Düzeninde Doküman Yönetimi

As in all areas of life, a serious change is taking place in the business world due to COVID-19. While some companies close their offices completely, some companies produce hybrid solutions. This situation requires the adaptation of the document workflows in the offices to the new order.

How will records management be provided in the new office layout?

Wherever you work, at home or in the office, it's important to have a document management policy and communicate with your employees what that policy is. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a document management policy for remote workers:

• Security

• Personal data and privacy compliance

• Accessing and storing documents

• Disposal and destruction of records

In remote working order, these criteria must be met for archive documents both at home and in offices. Companies need different solutions to create these criteria.

However; There are sustainable solutions to keep your up-to-date documents and archives more secure at less cost. You can find solutions to all problems by working with an expert supplier that provides end-to-end solutions in document management.

REISSWOLF Turkey stores your physical archive in compliance with the law and offers the opportunity to manage it remotely with digital solutions. span>


  • Documents with archive quality are recorded and archived at REISSWOLF facilities. This is done on demand or periodically.
  • RWAM software, the archive can be accessed remotely, and the required documents can be accessed by the authorities within hours.
  • Required documents After it is scanned in accordance with OCR, it is transferred to the REISSWOLF Document Management System or remote access is allowed by employees through preferred channels.
  • Due to official obligations, the documents needed physically are delivered to your registered address within 24 hours.

  • Your documents whose storage period has expired are destroyed safely within the same facility.


In this way; While keeping your entire archive safe, you can manage it remotely and provide authorized employees access to relevant documents.

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