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About us

REISSWOLF International AG 

REISSWOLF was founded in Hamburg in 1985. Years It has achieved success in various solutions together with the services and experiences it has developed. Today, especially physical archives and offers corporate solutions on issues such as secure data destruction. It serves worldwide with more than a thousand employees. Annual average; It scans more than 60,000,000 pages of documents, 10,000,000 file archives and more than 105 thousand tons of destruction. REISSWOLF is the European Market Leader in its sector.

REISSWOLF, More than 80 countries in more than 30 countries worldwide It provides Integrated Document Management service with the facility. REISSWOLF Turkey, which started its activities in Turkey since 2008, applies international service standards and principles in all its processes. All necessary solutions in Information and Document Management are offered by REISSWOLF.

As data protection laws, technologies and workflows change, REISSWOLF services are reshaped according to current conditions. In this way, it is ensured that customers always benefit from the most up-to-date solutions.


REISSWOLF Turkey has been providing various solutions within the scope of Integrated Management to more than 350 customers in Turkey since 2008. It develops secure services suitable for leading companies in the Banking, Health, Commerce, Retail and Industry sectors. In Turkey; It is the first company in its sector that can offer all archive services from end to end.

Our operations are carried out in Dilovası/Kocaeli region with 14.000 m2 closed area, 35 fixed personnel, 40 contracted personnel.

Across Turkey; Corporate solutions are provided for physical archive storage, document scanning, archive software, secure Disposal and Document Management System (Doxagon - DYS).

All of our solutions are covered by professional liability insurance.

Integrated Document Management

It is the execution of physical archive management, digital document management, software and secure destruction processes in sync and in accordance with official standards. REISSWOLF provides end-to-end solutions as the sole supplier of all processes.

Vision and Mission

Our priority; It is the responsibility of institutions to provide reliable solutions for the correct and legal management of various data. Our processes are always updated according to international standards so that the solutions provided are confidential, legal and efficient. This way  we enable our customers to receive service at the latest standards.

Integrated Document Management is a long-term and trust-based business. That's why we work to establish sustainable bonds with our customers based on trust and confidentiality.

Why is End-to-End Document Management Important?

Although there are different fields within the scope of information and document management, they are actually all interconnected. In this connection, it is a much more efficient and secure system to get end-to-end service to ensure the smoothest and safest flow, that is, to manage the data correctly. Unlike other archive companies, REISSWOLF has the technological and physical infrastructure to manage all processes by itself. In this way, you can manage all processes with a single supplier.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Single Supplier?

  • Working with a single supplier it has many benefits. Therefore, our customers in this category Many advantageous working processes are realized with  REISSWOLF creates the opportunity to work with a single supplier with the services it offers. The benefits of working with a single supplier are as follows;
  •          High cost reduction in volume. economies of scale occur.
  •         The same standards of service are provided in all processes.
  •         Your archive and circulating data are solely managed by us. In this way, it is possible to determine the responsible person precisely.
  •        It becomes easier to integrate different processes. In comprehensive solutions, you can configure processes specifically for you. allows.

What are the ISO and Certificates We Have? What They Do?

The documents and certificates of REISSWOLF Turkey are updated periodically. It determines the scope of the services offered and is proof that we provide a more reliable service.

REISSWOLF performs all its services in accordance with the following standards. 

  •          ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System
  •          ISO 9001:2015   - Quality Management System 
  •          ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System
  •          TS EN 15713:2009 - Safe Disposal of Confidential Material 
  •          Non-Hazardous Waste Collection Separation Certificate

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