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Physical Archive

REISSWOLF Turkey archives and manages documents that commercially, administratively, and legally important for institutions and organizations.

It develops archiving solutions according to the special needs of its customers. All processes of the physical archiving service operate according to ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and all international sectoral standards, thanks to its own software RWAS.

When physical documents are needed, the relevant document is found and sent to your address with REISSWOLF special vehicle. If the digital cops is sufficient, it is scanned and sent to you. Thanks to this service, companies are provided with instant and multiple access to physical data. This efficient service avoids unnecessary digitization costs.

REISSWOLF Standard Archive Box

Benefits of Physical Archive Services;

  • Space saving from office spaces
  • Storage costing only as much us the volume used rather than a general area rental
  • Focusing on the core business of companies with the easing of workload - saving resources and time
  • Storage of archives in accordance with REISSWOLF Security Standards and legal regulations
  • Operation of destruction tracking of archives with expired storage period - avoid unnecessary storage
  • Documents that have been archived to be stored in special shelves in compliance with EN 15512 Regulation against the risks of heat, light, moisture, pest and fire
  • All archives are registered and authorized based on access
  • Transition from person-based archive management to corporate archive management
  • Quick access to archive inventory and practical management with RWAS for repurchase, return and reporting operations

Media and Backup Unit Storage Management

Protecting the media, backup units, which are of great importance for institutions, against all kinds of risks outside the institution is frequently included in the company procedures.

REISSWOLF Turkey stores the media of its customers under the following conditions; 

  • Regular heat humidity control takes place
  • Fm200 Warning System
  • Fire Warning System
  • Camera and Access control