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Digital Archive Services

Digitization and service operations are carried out with procedures in accordance with regulations at REISSWOLF scan center facilities or at the customer location. Scanning procedures have been established according to TS 13298 (Electronic Document Management System), ISO / TR18492: 2005 (Long-Term Protection of Electronic Document Based Information), ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security System standards.

Increasingly accumulated documents and files can slow down business processes. REISSWOLF digitizes all documents according to customer needs.

Benefits of Digital Archive Services;

  • Elimination of time and labor cost loss that will arise by physically searching the documents to be used
  • Ensuring the security of documents by digitizing against the risk of loss
  • Reducing physical effort by eliminating the need to remove the information from the file continuously
  • Protecting the file integrity and content authenticity of documents
  • Access to documents is restricted based on authorization and can be tracked
  • Multiple access is granted. Multiple employee can work on the same document within the limits of their authority
  • Increasing in-house productivity due to fast access by digitally incorporating documents into the internal workflow
  • Especially documents that have endless or long legal retention periods, are wearing out in time. By transferring to digital media, existing image quality will be preserved
  • Conducting the whole process in compliance with the law