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REISSWOLF Software Solutions

Unlimited access to company data and documents and appropriate management form the basis of any successful company. In both cases, digital documentation and data management are required.

REISSWOLF, which fully responds to your needs, offers you two solutions to digitally process document and data management:




REISSWOLF f.i.t. is a web-based, digital data storage system that provides you with functional, high-speed access. Archived documents can be found on textual content and can be replaced with other data if necessary, your business processes can be customized with customizable workflows.The system is a Document Management System that can be used immediately without the need to install hardware or software.







This secure web portal designed to manage your physical archives; It can be used in two different ways or as a combination of the two.Rwas Online allows you to manage your archives stored in our high-security archive facilities.RWASoffice, on the other hand, is specific to cases where part of document archiving is carried out at the customer location.However, both have the same usage profile. In this way, internal or external archive management can always be combined without any problems.