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REISSWOLF International AG

REISSWOLF International AG was established in Hamburg in 1985. It provides professional services to the institutions like Physical Archive Management, Digitization Services, Secure Data and Document Destruction.


  • Market Leader in Europe
  • 31 Countries and Nearly 50 Faciilties
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Over 80,000 Customers


REISSWOLF Group has started its operations in Turkey since 2008, with tje international experience from the Group.

REISSWOLF has the quality of producing solutions from the creation of physical and digital archives to secure destruction, with its infrastructure that is shaped and updated according to the needs of the day, in the field of document management. It offers integrated and precise solutions by meeting global standards, the data and document protection needs. Our target is; to be reliable, service oriented, and to set a standard in information security.