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Most companies are enthusiastic about the concept of the paperless office, but cannot completely achieve it due to established processes and legal regulations. The institutions do not tolerate the Document Management Systems investment and the cost of trained personnel in accordance with their specific business processes and legal regulations.However, documents that cannot be tracked and recorded can be irregular and unnecessary, bringing financial and moral burdens to companies.

"Integrated Document Management" concept was first introduced to Turkey by REISSWOLF in 2009 and in this way, we review your documents and add them to our high security facility. We also develop archiving solutions specifically designed for your company, taking into account your documents.

Our web-based archiving software RWAS enables you to issue instructions for new additions, document requirements - on demand physically or as scans - labelling, access rights or finally, destruction in line with data protections.

In addition to saving you space, we also provide efficient data processing. This way, we can always access digitally to analog data via hybrid archiving. The reason we care about it; it is the ease of access to information in a practical and fast manner with the widespread use of digital documents.

Benefits to you;

  • Including large firms; advice on all matters relating to physical and digital document archiving and management.
  • 7/24 access to your inventory can be provided with RWAS web-based software. In addition,all archiving steps and continuous management can be perfectly documented.
  • With RWAS software, %100 security is ensured by preventing the information from being handled by unauthorized persons.
  • Description of user groups and information about each document movement can be easily found.
  • The documents are only carried and archived by our own employees.
  • On-demand scanning is also possible at all times.
  • All processes are carried out with our ISO 27001 Information Security certificate.
  • Certified for quality management under ISO 9001:2015.