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You can find in here frequently asked questions about archive management.

How can I get the document that I want from my physical archive?

You can follow your documents in our facility by entering our online data management system (RWAS) with your internet user name and password determined on our website. You can find the box, folder or file you need by searching the system and make your demand. The original of the documents you demanded can be delivered to you physically with our special vehicles.

If the image is sufficient for you, then your paperwork will be digitized by on-demand scanning and will be delivered to you via e-mail.

How soon will I have the box (folder, file) that I have demanded?

When you demand physical normal delivery, you will have your documents within 24 hours. Shipment is carried out with special REISSWOLF vehicles. If you need one or more documents from the box and you have demanded a scan, your document will be scanned and forwarded to you by e-mail.

How secure are the archives I entrusted to you?

In order to ensure maximum security of your archives and other data you have submitted to REISSWOLF, our company has invested in infrastructure based on international standards. All your box / folder / files are tracked with barcode systems. In this way, the mistakes caused by the human resources are prevented and any loss of data related to our system is prevented.

Are the security conditions of your archive center sufficient to protect our documents?

Our facility, which has developed the latest technologies, is designed specifically for physical archiving and magnetic media storage in accordance with international standards.

Your data will always be safe in our facility with fire detection accordance with NFPA  (National Fire Protection) Standards and sprinkler extinguishing systems, pest control system, earthquake resistant shelving system, burglar alarm systems and 24 hour closed circuit cameras. All records entrusted to us are checked both inside and outside our facility. All access to our facility is supervised by door safety.

Do you have any your precaution about flooding ?

REISSWOLF has taken all measures against flooding. The building floor of our archive management center has been upgraded and elevated shelving system has been applied the ground.

Are you doing the destruction of the expired documents?

As REISSWOLF, we carry out destruction operations within our own facilities. In this way, the documents in the sense of security, the whole life cycle is completed in our facility.

Do you have a crisis management plan?

 We have a crisis management package prepared with all possible crisis and disaster scenarios in mind. In addition, practice are made at various times within this plan.

Do you receive daily service for daily backup and archives ?

We create shipment calendars according to the needs of our customers. In addition to the customers we serve every day, we also have our customers once a month.



Do you do cd, harddisk, cassette storage operations besides the backup cartridge?

In accordance with customer demand, we can store all kinds of data that can be stored and convey to the institution according to customer needs.

How are the media archived ?

Before all the media are entered into our system if there is already a barcode on them, this is accepted by the barcode. If the products are barcode-free, then the custom barcode is pasted and processed. 

How is digitization done?

The digitization process can be carried out in our own and / or customer location. Customer's daily work flow needs are evaluated and the healthiest decision is made.

REISSWOLF facility, the transmission of data can also be stored on REISSWOLF servers, and the customer can be given remote access privileges, or transferred to the customer's infrastructure to build a structure according to their needs.