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REISSWOLF Security Containers

As REISSWOLF; We provide large volume safety containers with a special locking system for document destruction.

You can fill these containers with documents, CDs, DVDs, debit cards or media containing data.




Benefits to you;

  • Assignment of individual locking rights to protect against unauthorised access
  • Automatic event logging
  • Seamless monitoring of containers
  • Automatic locking function as soon as the cover is closed
  • Maximum security

RW70 The special compact container

Location     : Small rooms and under the desk

Dimensions : L 42 cm x W 42 cm x H 42 cm 

Volume       : 70 l



RW240 Document folder specialist

Location    : Coopier room, basements...

Dimension : L 48 cm x W 58 cm x H 121 cm

Volume     : 90 l

RW350  The practical companion

Location    : Universal application

Dimension : L 90 cm x W 69 cm x H 90 cm

Volume     : 350 l

RW500 The giant

Location    : Spacious solution for bulky paper waste contents

Dimension : L 118cm x W 69 cm x H 100 cm

Volume     : 500 l