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Who we are ?

Data has long been a part of our everyday professional and personal life. More and more digitisation means that living with data is now more complex and multi-faceted - precisely because of the need for consistent data protection.

For decades, REISSWOLF has been involved in the professional handing of data of all kinds - setting its own high standards and was even involved in the development of DIN standards.

As a result, REISSWOLF has achieved success in the destruction of data and documents across Europe, and has become one of the best archiving companies in Europe and digitalizes 60 million pages in various formats every year.

REISSWOLF International AG

REISSWOLF International AG founded in Hamburg in 1985; It provides various services to institutions in Physical Archive Management, Secure Data and Document Destruction, Digitalization Services and Digital Document Management. REISSWOLF comprised 50 franchisees in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. (as of January 2018)


REISSWOLF Turkey continues to its services that Integrated Document Management as of January 2018 in Dilovası where new facilities. 

In the short term, the secure destruction of valuable datas that formed in the institutions by taking outsourcing services in safe environment and in ideal conditions and making them accessible and the secure destruction at the end of the storage period have been adopted by private companies and public institutions.

REISSWOLF offers an integrated and precise slution for document management from system creation to destruction. REISSWOLF provides important services to meeting the need for data and document protection in accordance with global standards with 30 years experinence in 30 countries.

Goal is to be reliable, service-oriented, innovative and standardized in the field of information security.

REISSWOLF Group continues archiving and destruction in Europe and market leader in many countries continues to its service with international experience and high data processing technology in Turkey.

REISSWOLF that has its own software in all steps of document management from physical and digital archive management to secure destruction is the only company in Turkey.

Current Status of REISSWOLF Group;

  • 50 Franchisees in 30 Countries
  • Market Leader in Europe
  • Over 30 Years of Experiences
  • Over 80.000 Customers