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We are here for security of your data.

As a REISSWOLF team, we are here to serve you better.

We work enthusiastically and understand the best ways to ensure data protection and data security in all areas of a business.As the REISSWOLF family, our primary goal is to make your life easier by make a claiming your data.



  • Erdinç SAYIN / Chairman of the Board

  • Kurtul BAYDAR / Executive Board Member

  • Emre MERÇİL / Sales Manager

  • Hande ÖZEN / Marketing Manager

  • Gürkan ÇELEN / Archive Operations Manager

  • Sıla YILDIRIM / Document Manager


  • Deniz ERAYDIN / Executive Manager

  • Hülya GÖKDAĞ / Customer Relations Manager

  • Büşra BOSNA / Quality Manager

  • Nursel SOYLU / Accountant

  • Ayhan ALTUNTAŞ / Document Manager