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You can find in here frequently asked questions about data and document destruction.

Why do you need a confidential document destruction service?

Compliant with the Information Protection Act you need to destroy your old documents to protect your business and your customers from possible fraud and other crimes.

Paper is already collected for recycling - why REISSWOLF?

When the waste paper is taken for recycling, the papers are classified or stored to obtain the best price.

Why is REISSWOLF a trusted name?

REISSWOLF uses only locked metal security containers. It provides you with information control from the time it was received from your office to the destruction of our high-security destruction facility. In addition, scrap papers that have been destroyed by shredding are delivered to licensed recyling facilities under legal regulations.

Do I have to prepare these institutional wastes in some way?

No. REISSWOLF provides security containers in your office that you or your staff can fill directly. No need to separate staples and paper clips. Even a full folder can be destroyed in that way.

Is there any evidence that my documents were secure destroyed ?

Yes. After each destruction, you will receive a detailed Destruction Certificate indicating where and when containers are collected.

Will it notice more recycling ?

1 ton of paper recovers about 14 trees. Recycled paper means 65% less energy use, 50% less water, 72% less air pollution than paper made from raw pulp.

What can be dealt with as confidential information?

Personnel files, social security records, account and tax records, customer information, sales applications, bank informations, credit card informations, personal health informations, and any documents containing this informations, old brochures containing commercial sensitive information, sales plans, company reports and similar information and documents for you and your company.

How do you fee your services ?

Our service can be in the form of a one-off destruction or regular destruction to place containers in the office.The material collected in one-time diestruction is weighed at the entrance of the facility and priced on a tonal basis. Of course, if the customer wants to bring destruction material to the facilities itself.

A monthly rent and a service fee are calculated for the cantainers placed in regular destruction.

Do you also destroyed of other forms of waste?

Apart from the paper, digital media (CD, DVD, HD, microfilm), plastic or textile products can be destroyed.